9to5 Entertainment System (9ES)

9to5 Entertainment System (9ES)

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9ES29X: Garbage Day
December 01, 2023

This is something new! Keith is off on vacation, Jon’s sick and Scott’s cool so we’re unloading previously unheard Garbage Time content to cover our asses. Thanks for listening everyone!             C

9ES298: The Bear Dances A Tango
November 16, 2023

I think the thing that struck me the most about the Barbie movie is that when Ken has a beach accident (despite being fully qualified for Beach) he receives prompt and free medical care. No long wai

9ES297: Rainbow Tape
November 02, 2023

Seriously though imagine being so uncertain of your values as an organization that you thought putting a ban on the colour of tape of hockey players were allowed to use was a good idea. What kind of

9ES296: 3 of 7, ok 2 of 7
October 21, 2023

I am still shocked that Look Whos Talking Now features the voice talents of Danny Devitoas a dog in a movie full of pee-pee poo-poo jokes and does not have him deliver the line what? poop is funn

9ES295: D&D AIN’T
October 06, 2023

We talk a lot about institutions in this episode of 9ES. Dungeons & Dragons and Wu-Tang Clan are definitely institutions of their established mediums. But where the Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthin to Fuck

9ES294: Brad Bramish Is IN
September 21, 2023

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is one of those rare shows that actually assumes its audience has grown up with the show. It assumes that if you were like 9 or 10 when Adventure Time started, youre n

9ES293: Of Course It Was Always All Real
September 09, 2023

CM Punk is my favorite wrestler. As a bit of a smart mark wrestling fan I became aware of him initially in his run with Ring of Honor. I vaguely remember some ROH stuff online in the mid-2000s but i

9ES292: Venture Fourth
August 26, 2023

Baldurs Gate 3 is here and it kind of feels like the current biggest game in the world at the moment. I mean, its not. That will always be Fortnite probably. Or maybe Minecraft. Anyways, I overh

9ES 291: The Sexiest Men Alive
August 10, 2023

The Montreal geek and pop culture podcast that is definitely hosted by the Sexiest Men Alive returns to talk about Last One Laughing, that Flash movie, John Wick 4, Taskmaster and more. Seriously thou

9ES290: A Woman Looks At Him Angrily
July 28, 2023

So a while ago they renamed the famous Montreal venue Metropolis to the MTelus, because Telus bought the venue. A few things on that. First of all, I mostly just still call the venue Metropolis an