10 Great Podcast Interview Questions

April 22, 2024

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In this conversation, Brett Ingram shares 10 great podcast interview questions. He discusses the benefits of interview podcasts and how they provide valuable content without the need to be an expert. The key to creating a great interview podcast lies in asking effective questions that engage the guests and provide value to the audience. Brett shares 10 questions that can delve deep into guests' experiences and perspectives, including moments of challenge, misconceptions about their profession, lessons learned, risks taken, and strategies for staying motivated. He also explores the influence of mentors, a typical day in their profession, the best advice they've received, exciting developments in their field, and advice for their younger selves.


  • Interview podcasts are a popular format that provide valuable content without the need to be an expert.
  • Asking effective questions is crucial for creating engaging and insightful episodes.
  • Questions about moments of challenge, misconceptions, lessons learned, risks taken, and staying motivated can provide valuable insights for the audience.
  • Exploring the influence of mentors, a typical day in the profession, the best advice received, exciting developments, and advice for the younger self can offer inspiration and practical wisdom.
  • Tailoring the questions to fit the guest's experiences and niche can create a rich and engaging conversation.


00:00 Introduction and the Popularity of Interview Podcasts

04:20 Question 1: Moments of Challenge and Resilience

10:38 Question 4: Taking Risks and Unconventional Paths

14:57 Question 6: The Influence of Mentors

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