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The Lifesaving Importance of Microchipping Your Pets
November 28, 2023

If you've lost track of your pet for even a few minutes, you know how fast panic sets in. Over 10 million pets in the US alone go missing every year; of those, about 65% or 6.5 million never find their way back to their families. If there was one sim

Celebrating the Holidays Safely with Your Pets: Tips from an ER Vet
November 21, 2023

Get ready for a holiday season filled with fun, laughter, and most importantly, utmost safety for your furry friends. With Amy Castro and emergency vet Dr. Tyler Sugerman-McGiffin, we've prepared an episode that's filled with valuable insights a

Should You Hire a Pet Sitter or Board Your Pet for the Holidays?
November 14, 2023

In our previous episode, we tackled the question of whether you should take your pet with you for the holidays and if so, how both of you could be great guests. But what if you can't take your pet. Should you hire a pet sitter or board your pet away

Tips for Being a Great Guest When Bringing Your Pet Home for the Holidays
November 07, 2023

Are you planning on bringing your pet home for the holidays? Or, have you been invited to bring your pet with you to your friend's for the weekend? In this episode, we'll share how you and your pet can be great guests and get invited back again

Top 20 Favorite Pet Products Every Pet Parent Must Have
October 31, 2023

This episode is a game-changer as we share our top 20 pet products that have dramatically simplified our lives at Starlight Outreach and Rescue and improved the lives of the pets we care for! Amy shares the rescue's favorite cleaning products, pet be

Mushrooms for Pets: A Guide to Natural Health Boosters
October 24, 2023

Ever wondered how to boost your pet's health naturally?We promise that today's episode of Starlight Pet Talk will enlighten you on a fascinating and lesser-known topic - the power of mushrooms for your furry friends. We host Dr. Rob Silver, a pi

How a Passion for Pets Became a Pet Business With Impact
October 17, 2023

What if you could take your passion for pets and turn it into a thriving business that also makes a profound difference in the world? That's exactly what Lizz Whitacre, a software entrepreneur and animal rescue enthusiast, managed to do. Our conversa

An Inside Look Into Starting and Running a Successful Pet Rescue
October 10, 2023

Step into the world of animal rescue with Holly Dool, president of Camo Rescue, as we venture through her remarkable journey of creating a successful non-profit organization amidst a bustling career. Holly's compelling narrative takes us from the bir

Does Your Dog Have What It Takes to be a Therapy Dog?
October 03, 2023

Does your dog have what it takes to be a therapy dog?On previous episodes we've talked about service dogs, emotional support animals, and even fake service/emotional support animals, but what about therapy dogs? How are they different? What do they

Rescuing Kaiser: A Tale of Dedication, Recovery, and Love
September 26, 2023

Ever wondered about the stories behind those heartwarming before-and-after pet rescue pictures that circulate online? Well, prepare to embark on a journey filled with hope, dedication, and unconditional love as we chat with Mayson Zimmermann, a passionate