Coronavirus Conversation

Coronavirus Conversation

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Carlos Blanco: “Liberty’s Messenger Javier Milei”
November 23, 2023

Table of ContentsShifts in Socio-Political Paradigms: Redefining Governance and Public ServicesPolitics and Governance in FluxUnderstanding the Tug-of-WarChallenges in Latin American SocietiesGovernan

A Medievalist’s Insights on Modern (sic) Jihadism: Richard Landes
November 20, 2023

In this insightful video, join Richard Landes, a respected medievalist and historian, as he bridges the gap between past and present to shed light on modern geopolitical issues. Landes, who coined 'Pa

Daniel Klein’s Insights on Liberty, Ethics, and (Adam) Smith-ian Morals
November 15, 2023

Table of ContentsExploring Liberalism and Conservative Liberalism: A Historical and Philosophical JourneyIntroductionUnveiling Professor Dan KleinThe Meaning Behind "CL"Decoding Liberalism's Evolution

George Gilder’s “The Israel Test”: The Politics of Envy
November 12, 2023

Table of ContentsThe Israel Test: Unraveling Historical ComplexitiesEarly Perceptions of IsraelEconomic Struggles in the 1980sCapitalist Revival Through ImmigrationComparing Communist SympathiesThe Is

Marc Girardot: Unpacking the Bolus Theory: Challenging Vaccine Safety
November 10, 2023

Marc Girardot challenges traditional vaccine administration methods in his exploration of the Bolus Theory. This theory suggests that the inadvertent introduction of vaccine particles into the bloodst

Unlocking Insights: Joe Nocera’s Analysis of Lockdown Absurdities and Pandemic Inequities
November 10, 2023

The year 2023 has become a focal point for discussions on the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this deep dive, we engage with the profound insights of Joe Nocera, co-author of "The Big Fai

Wilfred Reilly: The Fate of Nations: a Post-Conflict Path to Survival
November 09, 2023

Understanding the Complexities of the Middle East Conflict and Palestinian Territories: Navigating History, Warfare, and Ideologies Introduction Welcome to a compelling exploration of war's intr

“Paul Manger’s Pouring Cold Water (Literally) on Flipper’s Smarts”
November 08, 2023

Embark on an intellectual odyssey with Dr. Paul Manger, who daringly navigates the depths of marine biology myths and surfaces with startling revelations about cetacean intelligence. In an enlightenin

Ron Coleman: Moral Inversion via Cultural Shift; Hamas’ Threat(s)
November 07, 2023

Table of ContentsNavigating the Complex Landscape of Contemporary Conflicts and Cultural ShiftsUnveiling Disturbing RealitiesA Distraction Amidst Life's RealitiesThe Evolution of WarfareThe Unclear We

“Grace by Night: Antonio Sabato Jr.’s Journey of Faith and Film”
November 03, 2023

Table of ContentsExploring "Grace by Night" - An Inspirational JourneyMeet Antonio Sabato Jr."Grace by Night" - An Inspirational JourneyThe Necessity of Motivational StoriesA Personal JourneyThe Chall