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How To Create An Aligned And Abundant Life By Changing Your Thoughts With Steffani LeFevour
December 06, 2023

Steffani LeFevour joins us today on Episode 50! Steffani is a Happiness and Mindset Coach with over 20 years of experience working one-on-one with clients and leading groups and speaking on stages the world over! Steffani is here to share her expertise of

Living A Life Of Sacred Reverence Through Ritual With Shiva Rose
November 29, 2023

Joining us today is Holistic living pioneer, Shiva Rose. Shiva has been supporting and guiding women for over a decade through her online platform The Local Rose, her non-toxic beauty line, Shiva Rose Beauty, online courses, in-person ceremonies, and thro

How To Appreciate Yourself Fully
November 22, 2023

Your host, Maureen Spielman, joins you today to discuss how to apply appreciation practices to yourself and why it matters. You will learn how to truly appreciate yourself in a variety of practical ways. Of course, it always feels wonderful to be apprecia

The Significance Of Numerology And The Elementals With Denise Ricard
November 15, 2023

In todays episode, I am joined by Denise Ricard, Galactic Numerologist and Channeler of the Source Light Codes (amongst many other gifts and talents!). Come along to dive into the world of numerology, the elementals, your unique encoding, and wizardry. D

Dreaming Of Travel With Christine MacMillan
November 08, 2023

Christine MacMillan is the owner and founder of MacMillan Travel Designs. She is a former business consultant turned travel agent after experiencing burnout in her first career and deciding it was time for a career change. Her passion for travel started e

Holistic Health And The Link Between Mental, Physical & Emotional Well-Being With Catherine Rolt
November 01, 2023

Catherine Rolt joins Mystical Sisterhood to share stories of healing and transformation - her own and those of her clients. Join us for a riveting episode which includes Catherines personal stories of healing and her own ability to connect with pain and

Molly Rudberg On Rewriting Limiting Beliefs And Welcoming Imperfection
October 25, 2023

Molly Rudberg, exceptional Life Coach, joins us today to share with us how she got her start in coaching (by the way, it started in 3rd grade!) and why she is fascinated by humans. Molly brings wit and wisdom to her work and I’ve got to believe all relati

Embracing Your Inner Child With Jana Wilson
October 18, 2023

Jana Wilson joins Mystical Sisterhood today to share her story of experiencing trauma in her youth and how she eventually found ways to integrate her experiences and heal her trauma. Jana is author of “Wise Little One: Learning to Love and Listen to My In

Be Your Own Advocate
October 11, 2023

Your host, Maureen Spielman, joins you today to educate you on how to be your own advocate when it comes to your body and your physical health. Maureen is a breast cancer thriver who learned a lot about the personal care industry following her mother’s de

Manifesting Multidimensional Abundance With Magdalene Energy With Danielle Rama Hoffman
October 04, 2023

Danielle Rama Hoffman joins us today from Paris, the City of Light, to talk about manifesting multidimensional abundance! Who doesnt want to learn more about that? We cover how lightworkers can embody their divine-self and fulfill their highest mission a