A Call For LOVE

A Call For LOVE

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3 Strategies For Empowered Living with Elisa Boogaerts | S1E043
November 28, 2023

Do you often find yourself prioritizing others' needs over your own? Today, we explore the empowering journey of Elisa Boogaerts, who recognized the pattern of neglecting her own desires and embarked on a path of self-discovery. Join us as Elisa shares he

Living Your Truth: My Journey to Self-Love and Compassion | S1E042
November 21, 2023

This week, I find myself on the other side of the microphone as Howard Brown, my colleague and friend from the Shining Bright Podcast, interviews me. In this engaging conversation, Howard delves into my journey exploring the power of presence and passion

Create A Comfort Basket For Self-Compassion | S1E041
November 14, 2023

Lets be okay with not being okay. Learn how to create a Comfort Basket to find comfort when youre feeling low. You will discover how to:Practice Self-Care: We explore the significance of self-care, emphasizing the importance of addressing both em

From Grief To Growth: Embracing Abundance with Sandra Tadros Guirguis l S1E040
November 07, 2023

Are you ready to transform your life? In our latest podcast episode, we have Sandra, a true inspiration, sharing her journey from grief to growth, embracing abundance.Sandra's story will empower you to break free from the pain and reinvent yourself. She e

Meditation #7 Training Your Doggy Mind With The Tale Of The Two Wolves
October 31, 2023

This meditation is all about training your "doggy" and "monkey" mind, teaching you how to discover inner peace amidst life's chaos.The essence of meditation is not to silence your thoughts but to observe them as they ebb and flow.In this session, you'll g

The Power of The Pause with Tessa Lynne Alburn | S1E039
October 24, 2023

Tessa Lynne and I discuss the profound impact of pausing in life and how it can transform your happiness, success, and connections.What You Will:Learn about the transformative potential of pausing and how it deepens your connection to intuition, inner pea

Through The Cracks, The Light Gets In l S1E038
October 17, 2023

We all have imperfections and flaws, but the beautiful part is that we have the choice to shift our perspective and become the best versions of ourselves. The key is embracing our cracks and opening ourselves up to self-compassion.In this episode, you wil

Anxiety and Your Mental Health With S.O.D.A. l S1E037
October 10, 2023

Mental health impacts us all daily, especially in today's world.On October 10th, we mark World Mental Health Day, a reminder that for some, the struggle with mental health is a daily battle.But here's the silver lining: I've got a technique to share with

Hypnotherapy & The Unconscious Mind with Melissa Deally | S1E036
October 03, 2023

Discover the extraordinary potential of our unconscious mind, which constitutes 90% of our mental capacity, while we often prioritize our attention on the mere 10% that represents our conscious mind.Join us as Melissa Deally sheds light on the remarkable

Meditation #6 Kind Communication with The Three Gates
September 26, 2023

Learn how to speak for the highest good of others through "The Three Gates," an age-old piece of wisdom passed down through generations. It's all about the art of mindful speech. Before your words escape your lips, pause and ask:Is it true? Is it necessar