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Systems thinking and the future of architecture with Evelyn Lee
September 15, 2023

Architecture has always struck me as a multidisciplinary field. It draws knowledge from all areas of STEMM into creating the spaces in which we live and work. But that's not always how this profession is perceived and this reflects in the way the industry

The interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things with Laura Langdon
August 22, 2023

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. But for today's guest, it's about both. Laura Langdon is a developer advocate who has the pleasure of combining her explorations and experience in theatre, computer science, mathematics, education, a

Bringing compassion back to technology with April Wensel
August 06, 2023

We could all do with a little bit more compassion in our lives, and April Wensel is making sure that we can bring it to our work as well. April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, helping companies and tech professionals communicate more and ef

Geospatial analysis and making information beautiful with Helen McKenzie
July 21, 2023

Geographic information systems. There, I've lost a few of you already, but you're missing out because GIS is more than about where things are, but why they're there, and quite a few of those reasons are around why people do people things. Helen McKenzie i

Reinvention with humility & embracing innovation with Lan Tran
May 29, 2023

You have to pivot or reinvent yourself to stay relevant. This idea gets bandied about a lot these days but there are going to be times in your life and in business where it has to happen.Lan Tran is a powerhouse in sales and marketing is no stranger to th

Health and medical research strategy with Professor Moira Clay
May 12, 2023

Ever thought about asking a member of Parliament how to become Prime Minister? Moira Clay, a leading research strategist, asked that very question, and she's now cultivated a career helping leaders in health and medical research make an impact in both res

Science film-making and D&D with Shamini Bundell
May 01, 2023

Science communication comes in all mediums, from film-making to journalism, even Dungeons and Dragons, and Shamini Bundell does it all.Shamini is an award-winning filmmaker, a writer, and a journalist, working on the Nature YouTube channel, podcast, and m

Branding for Connection and FemTech with Ari Krzyzek
April 15, 2023

Have you ever looked at a business beyond their visual branding and thought about who they are and what they stand for, and who the owners are and what they stand for? Branding is more than just an aesthetic. It's about connection. Join us as we speak wi

Segue: Women and caste in tech in India with Raksha Kumar
March 19, 2023

Bias and discrimination are everywhere. It's something we as a society are generally trying to improve. But when it comes to solutions, there is nuance in terms of cultural and social context, personal perceptions, and privilege that can complicate matter

Biomedical to software engineering and paying our experiences forward through mentoring with Krithika Chandramouli
March 03, 2023

If you can't decide between two career paths, try exploring both. Krithika Chandramouli found bioengineering to be a sweet spot between health sciences and technology and was able to explore both pursuits before she found her way to software engineering.