Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™

Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™

Latest Episodes

095 #1 Tech Startup In Africa w/ Matt Brown
August 23, 2019

Entrepreneur, CEO, and top podcaster Matt Brown joins us today for another no-BS conversation about being a Techpreneur in South Africa. He gives us a glimpse of the South African Tech scene, as well as his successes,

094 How We Make Stuff Now w/ Jules Pieri
August 21, 2019

Today’s episode features a highly informative discussion between our host, Christopher Lochhead and Jules Pieri. She’s the first designer to graduate from Harvard Business School. She shares some amazing lessons on how to create legendary new products ...

093 Microsoft’s Transformation and Why Every Company is a Software Company w/ Bob Evans
August 19, 2019

Today’s guest is one of Christopher’s favorite people, host of Cloud Wars podcast, Bob Evans. Together, they dig deep into how Microsoft transformed into a “Trillion Dollar Cloud Category King.” They discuss what we can all learn from their remarkable ...

7 Recession Marketing Ideas
August 19, 2019

Christopher Lochhead discusses, in his newly launched podcast, Lochhead on Marketing talks about some of his ideas timely for a potential recession. With this threat coming, Christopher points out the importance of developing and acting on ideas th...

092 1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently w/ Marc & Angel Chernoff
August 16, 2019

Our guests for today, NY Times best-selling author/power couple Marc and Angel Chernoff talks about their new book and other self-help topics. We had an insightful conversation about happiness and unhappiness,

August 12, 2019

We have just launched a new marketing podcast! It talks about the mindsets and strategies for winning ⁠— with a special focus on how you design, create and dominate market categories. It’s called LOCHHEAD ON MARKETING. Radical Generosity

091 Crowd Funding For Good w/’s Charles Best & Oliver Hurst-Hiller
August 12, 2019

Today's inspiring guests are from, CEO and Founder Charles Best and entrepreneur Oliver Hurst-Hiller. These two, together with a small group of people, came together and made our world a different place, through crowdfunding.

090 The Green “Circular Economy” w/ #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Heather Clancy
August 09, 2019

Today, Amazon-best-selling author Heather Clancy gives us insights about a very timely topic — the green economy. We talk about what she’s learning about the green economy, the controversy around carbon taxes and how companies are creating new offering...

089 Entrepreneurs: Know the Difference Between “Craft Venture Capitalists” & Wall St VCs
August 07, 2019

In this episode, Christopher Lochhead explores the distinction between Craft Venture Capitalists and Wall Street Venture Capitalists (VCs) and why is it very important for entrepreneurs to know the difference.

088 The Impact Entrepreneur: Mike Flynn
August 05, 2019

Fellow entrepreneur and podcaster Mike Flynn joins us today for another great episode. He is a best-selling author and host of the podcast, The Impact Entrepreneur. Today, he talks about his heart-felt book “Master The Key,