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Pussy Velour – Electric Chemistry
November 29, 2022

What started as a Halloween Cramps cover band just over a year ago has become one of the hottest and most talked about Reno rock bands in quite some time: I’m talking about the haute trash rock group

Tom Gordon – For the Record – S12 E34
November 18, 2022

Wham! Just like that: another day, another episode! Although it’s another week of canned music – this is the good stuff. Iconic Reno-based sound engineer Tom Gordon stops by to share with

Slutzville – Trapped by Travesty
November 17, 2022

Well, hi there – does anyone still listen to this show? It’s been a few weeks since we put out an, between a holiday, new work schedules and a few bouts with COVID. We were so excited to b

Mr. Johnson – Twisted Mister
October 14, 2022

This week is Marianarchy days 3 and 4, so who better to come in than the band with our beneficiary Andy Hernandez in it. No, not Los Pistoleros (although both guest are in that group), its a new coun

Todd Ballowe – Eagle in the Henhouse
October 07, 2022

Welcome back, O Constant Listener! Its always a good time with Todd Ballowe in the studio and we hope you enjoy this episode. We didn’t realize just how ling it has been since he’s been on

Jason Hollis – Industrial Age – S12 E30
September 30, 2022

Hey, kids: Do you like Nine Inch Nails? Ministry? Skinny Puppy? Foetus? If so, put on your dancing boots because this episode is for you. We are joined by longtime Renoite, now a Midwest migr, Jason

Last One Down – Big R.A.F Energy – S12 E29
September 23, 2022

And we’re back! (once again…) Shifting directly into high gear, we have most of a great, high-energy band on this week. 3/4 of Last One Down was able to join us in the studio and play some

WLP On The Road #2: Bus Driver – S12 E28
September 09, 2022

WLP ON THE ROAD: Nick Drives the Bus for Eddie and the Subtitles Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another WLP on the road episode!This time out Nick is tapped to drive the bus for Eddie and the Subtitl

Bromancing the Stone – S12 E27
September 02, 2022

WLP ON THE ROAD: Nick and Rorys bromantic encounter with MC Chris Welcome loyal listeners to a very special episode of the Worst Little Podcast! A bold new on the road approach to episodes is expe

Kat Heart’s Fresh Hot Mess – Get You Some -S12 E26
August 30, 2022

As summer winds down, our guests this week are still heating things up with their sexy, sexy music. Kat Heart’s Fresh Hot Mess brings it good. A foursome congealed out of dreams and desire, they