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Eric Stangeland – Love What You Do
February 21, 2021

I love this episode. But this is some heavy shit – trigger warning for anyone who doesn’t like medical distress. Joining us is Eric Stangeland of One Stop Guitar as well as many Reno musical adventures and bands over the years. He shares with

Joe C. Rock and Steve Emmerich – Silence in Midtown
February 12, 2021

It’s hard to keep a good man down – and we’ve got two good men on the show this week: muralist Joe C. Rock and event promoter Steve Emmerich of Fresh Bakin’. We are also featuring select music form some of the bands playing in the

Johnny Harpo – Loudmouth Love-in
February 09, 2021

How much Johnny Harpo is enough Johnny Harpo? Well, here at the Worst Little Podcast, we say there is NEVER enough Johnny Harpo! This episode marks his 600th appearance on our show – truly amazing. We get into it deep, right off the bat, talking ab

Asphalt Socialites – Laugh Riot
February 03, 2021

A wise man once said, “Be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your friends.” This week is no exception. Wild and glamorous like an oil slick in a high-end garage, we are excited to welcome the Asphalt Socialites back to the studio f

Basement Tapes – Our Seasons Go To 11
January 26, 2021

GREETINGS PODCAST FANS! Welcome to Season 11 – we are excited to have you with us, once again. We hope your holiday and new year was merry and bright. It’s a whole new world! Now: back to the music! We are stoked and honored to welcome Baseme

LNOY – Longest Night of the Longest Year and the Darkest Christmas Show
December 23, 2020

SIMP-LEE !!!HAV-ING!!!!A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!! Merry Krimble, one and all, from all of us here at the Worst Little Podcast. For the final show of the year and Season 10 we are lucky enough to be joined by friends from the East: L.N.O.Y (Listless

Ford Corl – One of the 50 – (Christmas Pt.1)
December 20, 2020

HO! HO! HO! A Merry Christmas to you three and the rest of our listening audience. We are winding up Season 10 with not one, but TWO Holiday shows, one more Christmas-y than the last. It’s been a hell of a year, full of adaptation and changes, so w

Smiley Mikey – Irrepressibly Optimistic
December 14, 2020

Don’t call it a comeback, cause he’s been here for years! We welcome back Season Two Contestant, Smiley Mikey! While it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from him, Mike has not stopped creating – music, art or some occasi

WLP Conversations
December 10, 2020

Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, or most recent guest was unable to connect with us either of the last two weeks. It’s a bummer! And he really tried! We are looking a dates in the future, after upgrades. However, while we were wai

Triflin’ Bitches – Good Music, Bad Decisions (ft. Felix Danger)
November 15, 2020

If I had to describe this week’s show in a one-word quote, I think it would have to be “WOOOOOOOOOO!”, the signature battle cry of Ric “Nature Boy” Flair. I don’t think it’s quite a trainwreck, but it definitely