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Worst Little Podcast

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S13E31 Where Would You Haunt?: Doc Gruesome and Dark Corner Haunted House
September 27, 2023

This week were joined by Holly Spahr and Jack Karczewski from Dark Corner Haunt and our musical guest is dark hip hop artist Doc Gruesome!  Holly and Jack tell us all about their over the top, t

S13E30 Donkey Jaw, the Reverend and Renoites
September 20, 2023

This week we were joined by our podfather himself, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd, as well as Connor McQuivey , host of popular local podcast Renoites! Our musical guests are the kickass, pop punks Donkey Ja

S13E29 ÜLTRA: All About That Bass
September 13, 2023

This week is a banger episode with hardcore punk rockers LTRA. Jacob McCoy on bass and vocals, and Taylor Sommer on drums and backup vocals.  Their sound is like thrashy, heavy skate punk with a

S13E28 Glass Tung-Cunning Linguists
August 30, 2023

Alex Ross MorAl and Johnny Junes Wilson are the two emcees behind one of Renos premier hip hop acts, Glass Tung. We were stoked to meet this dynamic duo at the Dogwater Studios for an outstanding

S13E27- Los Pistoleros-Tres Hombres
August 25, 2023

#520 Season 13 Episode 27 Our longtime amigos and Renos undisputed kings of psychobilly punk rock, Los Pistoleros, stopped by the Dogwater Studios to share the good news that theyre back as a power

SUCKA PUNCH: Tales from the Punchbowl
August 16, 2023

Sans frontman Mike and newest member, guitarist Andy, we sat down with drummer Pierre, Bun on bass, and saxophone player Shannon from Reno Ska punk band ,the legendary Sucka Punch! We go through the o

Two Man Lemmon Band – Lemmon Party
August 11, 2023

This week we welcome the ever-evolving Two Man Lemmon Band!Spencer Eldridge started out solo with his guitar and some songs under the banner Just In Beaver. That was followed by being joined on bass b

Charlie Marks – Old Timey Folker
August 04, 2023

This week’s guest hails from the woods halfway to Susanville, slinging guitar and banjo ditties from the early nineteenth century – our new bestie, Charlie Marks!Down to earth, with a fasc

Dylano: Skills To Pay The Bills
July 31, 2023

This weeks guest is a rising talent in the Reno hip hop scene. Sometimes with his new group The Ones To Love and sometimes solo as Dylano. Either way, this hard working, hard playing MC comes with the

Keller – Antisocial Wizards
July 23, 2023

Were back worst little listeners! All apologies to The Electric who will be rescheduled due to an illness last week on our part. Everyone is feeling better, besides the heat stroke. We have a fresh n