Working Mumma

Working Mumma

Sharing the four common themes from the first 50 episodes of the Working Mumma podcast

September 02, 2021

In today's episode, I am celebrating the 50th episode of the Working Mumma Podcast! Yes, crack the champagne mumma!

I little thought bubble I had almost 2 years ago turned into reality in January 2020! It’s been an amazing experience of learning, engaging, and growing through this platform. I have spoken to amazing people and enjoyed every single discussion I’ve had on the podcast.

Throughout all the episodes I've recorded there are 4 key themes that come up regularly. So, I thought for the 50th episode I’d share these 4 themes with you.

As a birthday present to you, I’ve created a new resource “3 steps to sharing the mental load”. Mums have taken on more of the load over the past 18 months with lockdowns, homeschooling & the rollercoaster of emotions. This resource includes an audit checklist for you & your partner to complete and review who is doing what, end may highlight the amount you are currently doing and things may need to be a little more balanced going forward. It’s available to download now. 

Doors will open in a few weeks to the Working Mumma Village - be sure to put your name on the waitlist.  Click here.

A big thank you again for your support, engagement & involvement with Working Mumma and the podcast. My dreams are big to support working mums be able to thrive in motherhood & career.

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