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Working Mumma

Career coach Mikhaila Warburton on mindset, confidence & imposter syndrome

August 11, 2021

My guest today is Mikhaila Warbuton - the owner of Work It Mumma, a Career Coaching business specially focused on supporting mum’s in the workforce.

When you speak with a like-minded person who is just as passionate as you about supporting working mum's in career and motherhood, the energy is sure to go next level. That is exactly what happened when I spoke with Mikhaila. There is so much packed into this episode and you might need a pen & paper to take notes.

During the episode we chat about: 
* Mikhaila's experience of being made redundant 2 days before Christmas and how this was the push she needed to start her own business 
* Key lessons from being made redundant
* Why it is important to identify your values, priorities, long term goals, and what brings you joy
* Power of mindset and overcoming mindset blocks
* How to overcome imposter syndrome 
* How her priorities changed after becoming a mum 
* Sets to identifying and working towards your career goals 
* Strategies to have a career pivot 
* Job application & interview tips as a working mum
* Power of LinkedIn 

It was great to chat with Mikhaila and we covered a lot during this episode.  

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