The Stoop

The Stoop

Latest Episodes

EP56: Give me heebie-jeebies
October 21, 2021

When the horror is just too close to reality

EP 55: This Booty of Mine
October 07, 2021

The Booty- sometimes shunned, sometimes celebrated, but always ours.

EP 54: Polyfree
September 16, 2021

Polyamory. Loving multiply. We talk love with Black folks who are loving on their own terms.

EP 53: Invisible Scars
September 03, 2021

How we discipline our kids & the consequences we may not think about

Ep 52: Buffalo Soldiers
August 20, 2021

Sometimes the parts of our history we're proud of can also make us feel conflicted, when we know the whole story

Season SIX sneak peek!
August 12, 2021

Season SIX of The Stoop is comin' soon

EP 51: We see you, dads
June 25, 2021

An ode to the dads doing their thing.

EP 50: Young, Gifted, and Podcasting
June 11, 2021

We celebrate some Black podcasters who are starting young

EP 49: The Gatekeeper
May 27, 2021

Sometimes, the ones keeping us from entering the gate are Black like us.

EP 48: Butter on a Burn
May 14, 2021

Our wives tales, superstitions & folk sayings - do we believe them?