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The Stoop

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Salam, Is this thing on?
January 07, 2022

Sometimes, it's complicated to be an African comedian in America.

Black, Grown, and Autistic
December 17, 2021

What it means to be a Black autistic woman

EP 59: IVF and Us
December 03, 2021

Why is it harder for Black women to get pregnant through IVF?

EP 58. 40 Acres and a Question
November 19, 2021

When it comes to reparations, not everyone agrees on who should get paid.

EP 57: Sounds of Blackness 2
November 07, 2021

It's that time to celebrate the Black sounds we love - what's yours?

EP 56: Give me heebie-jeebies
October 21, 2021

When the horror is just too close to reality

EP 55: This Booty of Mine
October 07, 2021

The Booty- sometimes shunned, sometimes celebrated, but always ours.

EP 54: Polyfree
September 16, 2021

Polyamory. Loving multiply. We talk love with Black folks who are loving on their own terms.

EP 53: Invisible Scars
September 03, 2021

How we discipline our kids & the consequences we may not think about

EP 52: Buffalo Soldiers
August 20, 2021

Sometimes the parts of our history we're proud of can also make us feel conflicted, when we know the whole story