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The Gathering Pod

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The Spirit of Audacity with Melissa Kiguwa
March 30, 2023

For this very special Gathering Room, Martha is joined by extraordinary emerging thought leader Melissa Kiguwa. The two discuss why audacity is an underappreciated personal quality and an essential ingredient for an authentic life.

Befriending Ourselves
March 23, 2023

Were encouraged to fight in order to feel better, to love better, to be more successful. But what we fight fights back. Heres another way.

The Helpers Who Never Leave
March 16, 2023

How would it feel to know you were always loved, supported and cared for in every moment of your life? Well, maybe you are. Join Martha to learn how to find the helpers who never leave.

Want out? Lean in!
March 02, 2023

How do you respond when youre in a painful situation and theres no way out? The answer is paradoxical. Come learn how to do it with this weeks Gathering Room!

How to Spark the Magic
February 23, 2023

In this Gathering Room, Martha helps us reconnect with our true desires, which signal the path to the fulfillment of our destiny. (Inspired by Suzanne Eders new book, What You Want Wants You.)

How to Begin
February 16, 2023

This week, Martha talks about the genius, power and magic of beginning (thanks, Goethe!). She proposes we look at beginning something new as an end in itself so that we can gently coax ourselves into it. Tune in for more!

A Strange Place to Find Comfort
February 09, 2023

This episode of The Gathering Room suggests that you use your discomfort zone in a gentle but powerfully positive way. Curious? Come find out!

The Grace of F-ing Up
February 02, 2023

In this Gathering Room, Martha discusses the insights and breakthroughs that can only come when we surrender to the fact that weve F-ed up. Listen in and find out how!

How to Let the Light In
January 26, 2023

This week, Martha talks about the paradox of imperfection: trying our hardest to do our best while still accepting that we will always make mistakes. This combination of effort and grace lets the light into our lives. Listen in to learn how!

How to Heal Your Heart
January 19, 2023

In this Gathering Room, Martha talks about the heart healer within every person. When were heartsick, this is the only thing that heals us. Learn how to access your own heart healer in this very popular episode! (Originally aired: January 15, 2023)