The Food Disruptors

The Food Disruptors

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#53 100 % Firefly Cacao — Medicine for Your Heart
October 10, 2019

Firefly Chocolate's business model is not necessarily about scaling up. Small batch processing is important to what founder and CEO Jonas Ketterle calls the "Elemental Alchemy of Transformation, bringing in Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

#52 Firefly Chocolate: Beyond the Bar
September 29, 2019

Craft chocolate makers in the U.S. are sort of where the craft beer industry was 25 years ago. There were only about 200 craft chocolatiers in the U.S. when Jonas (German pronunciation: "Yonas") Ketterle launched Firefly Chocolate in 2014.

#51 Piggly Wiggly: The Last Great Corner on Wall Street. Keedoozle!
September 12, 2019

While there is no such thing as an ordinary Food Disruptor, Clarence Saunders was one colorful capitalist. He bootstrapped his way to a grand fortune, with Piggly Wiggly, the first self-service grocery store chain.

#50 Piggly Wiggly Self Service: What A Concept!
September 01, 2019

If you think grocery shopping is a hassle, be glad you are not a harried worker of 1916 trying to grab fixings for dinner on your way home. Then, as today, you would be jostled by hangry hordes. But a hundred years ago,

#49 Alchemy + Integrity + History + Science + Art = Craft Beer
August 15, 2019

  - "There’s nothing more interesting than a brewery in terms of a combination of chemistry, physics, biochemistry, engineering. It’s a wonderworld of basic science. And in fact, much of modern science came out of breweries." -- Fritz Maytag, 2017

#48 Anchor Steam: The Vanguard of a Craft Beer Renaissance
August 01, 2019

Today, those of us who enjoy beer expect to plop down at our neighborhood brew pub and order up a cold, fresh, tasty craft beer. We do not realize how endangered was this alcoholic refreshment option. During the twentieth century,

#47 CrissCross Podcasting: The Food Disruptors on Molé Mama Part 2
July 19, 2019

  - The Past is Prologue. Courtesy of a Molé Mama podcast that aired June 28, 2019, this episode of The Food Disruptors continues our two-part look at how the history of our food system informs our food ways today, and points to where we are going.

#46 CrissCross Podcasting: The Food Disruptors on Molé Mama Part 1
July 18, 2019

A few weeks ago, a great podcast, Molé Mama: Cooking With Love, featured Theresa as co-host of The Food Disruptors. This gave me the opportunity to tell The Food Disruptors origin story and take a step back to view the grand,

#45 Henry Crowell: Don’t Mess with the Quaker Oats Man
July 04, 2019

Henry Crowell turned a bland commodity that most Americans considered horse food into a ubiquitous, go-to breakfast food. He brought Quaker Oats to prominence through unrelenting marketing, including the famous Quaker Oats Special train,

#44 Henry Crowell: The Quaker Oats Man Makes Marketing History
June 20, 2019

Henry Crowell (1855-1944) gave us Quaker Oats for breakfast. Before he began mass-marketing a commodity, oats were generally regarded as horse food. The occasional immigrant housewife (Irish, Scottish, or German) might cook chopped oats into a porridge...