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The RawBeautySource AudioBlog: Health, Beauty & Nutrition

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Berries [ Dietitian Approved ]

August 01, 2021

This audio article is based on an article, reviewed by Calla Fong RD, MHSc

This article will guide you through those health benefits, list the most popular berries that you can find in the grocery store, and show you how you can incorporate more berries into your diet.

Let's get started!

00:00 Intro

01:01 Which fruits are berries?

01:30 What is the nutritional value of berries?

01:55 What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Berries?

01:58 The advice from Calla Fong (Registered Dietitian):

02:34 Support brain health

03:03 Reduce the risk of heart disease

03:58 Reduced risk of cancer

04:31 Support immune system

04:54 Improve urinary tract health

05:22 Balance blood pressure

05:55 Balance blood sugar levels

06:25 How much berries should you eat?

06:46 How to eat more berries?

07:23 Frequently asked questions about berries

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