The Profitable Stylist Podcast

The Profitable Stylist Podcast

Latest Episodes

PS204: Modern Hair Replacement
January 28, 2019

Bernard discusses his 27 year journey of offering hair replacement as a service in his salon and provides the inside scoop of why you should too.

PS203: A Little Inspiration
January 21, 2019

Bernard shares a recent visit to an impressive salon in New York and uses the experience as inspiration for listeners to grow their own business.

PS202: When To Copy
January 14, 2019

Bernard discusses the intricacies of mimicking the habits of others and when it is and isn't beneficial to your business.

PS201: Instagram Challenge
January 07, 2019

Bernard challenges his listeners to step up their social media presence by utilizing Instagram. He gives tips to engage and build your audience and expand your influence.

PS200: Do a Photo/Video Shoot
December 27, 2018

In this podcast, Bernard shares his recent experience in putting together a photo shoot for future marketing.

PS199: Phil Ring Interview
October 25, 2018

Bernard guides Phil Ring in telling his success story and the road to becoming an Instagram legend.

PS198: What Are You Good At?
October 22, 2018

Bernard shares what he is particularly good at and encourages his listeners to identify, embrace and improve their own talents.

PS197: All about LA!
October 18, 2018

Bernard chronicles his recent stay in Los Angeles and recalls his own experience as a customer in several different salons around town.

PS196: Guarantee
October 15, 2018

Bernard talks extensively about guaranteeing results in the salon.

PS195: Home Work Balance
October 11, 2018

In this podcast, Bernard delves into what it really means to have home-work life balance and how to achieve it.