The Pitch with Amy Summers

The Pitch with Amy Summers

Latest Episodes

Episode 603 - Get Uncomfortable On Purpose
September 21, 2020

Are you content, undisturbed, at ease? This may not be a good thing. Learn how to move from cruise control to high gear on your fears. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 231 - Three Rules for Working a Room
September 20, 2020

Hustle or hang out? Learn how to prep for a large networking event to maximize your time. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 157 - Make it Anywhere
September 19, 2020

I’m celebrating my 5th anniversary in NYC this month. Learn how to make it there or literally anywhere. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 141 - Remember to Répondez s'il vous plaît
September 18, 2020

I’m about to say a lot of French words. Learn how to prioritize your responses with key contacts to avoid a major faux pas that could cost you your next deal or relationship. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 602 - Dodge Recycled Thoughts
September 17, 2020

Don’t let someone reuse you. Learn how to lead the conversation of your own personal identity. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Episode 601 - Remove Judgement By Crushing Comparison
September 16, 2020

See everyone as you see yourself. Learn how to keep judgement from holding you back. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Episode 600 - Manifest A Win
September 15, 2020

I really needed a relationship win this year and her name is Winnie. Learn how to get what you want when the odds are working against you. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Encore Episode 169 - Entertain, Educate, Pitch
September 14, 2020

You might need to go to an open mic for practice. Learn the winning formula for a three-minute TV interview. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 140 - Stay Out of the Weeds
September 13, 2020

It’s complicated – or is it? Learn how to cut through the complicated by stripping out the details in both personal and professional communications to avoid roadblocks in your story. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 130 - Skip the Field Goal and Go For It
September 12, 2020

Are you punting or pitching? Learn how one bold move can put the ball in motion and you in goal range. #ThePitch #INICIVOX