The Pitch with Amy Summers

The Pitch with Amy Summers

Latest Episodes

Encore Episode 193 - Hit Snooze on Snappy Responses
December 01, 2020

Sometimes I’m a little too diligent. Learn how to snooze snappy to bring back happy. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 633 - Plan With Purpose
November 30, 2020

It was one of her best Thanksgiving celebrations ever, despite being a thousand miles apart. Learn how to build out a creative plan to avoid the default “winging it” strategy. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Encore Episode 264 - Just Be There
November 29, 2020

If love was money, then I was the richest girl in town. Learn how to change your mindset from cash rich to relationship rich. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 146 - PR = Marriage whereas Direct Marketing = Serial Dating
November 28, 2020

Want quick results with specific outcomes? You might be better off with serial dating. Learn how to properly use PR and marketing for realistic and synergistic outcomes. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 238 - Set Aside Time To Set The Tone
November 27, 2020

You do not want to encounter “default Amy” Learn how to bring out your super human traits with a ritual each day. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 86 - People Over Profits
November 26, 2020

Who did you spend more time with this year; your real family or your work family? Learn how focusing on the bottom line of others will give you a bonus you can put a price on. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Episode 632 - Make Your Points And Then Abort
November 25, 2020

You can’t reason with an irrational person. Learn how to avoid conversing and conceding, while still coming off strong. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Episode 631 - Breaking Follow-Up Fear
November 24, 2020

Are you afraid of being annoying? Learn how to switch your mindset to being helpful instead. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 630 - Document Your Every Move
November 23, 2020

Don’t rely on your memory or feelings for this one. Learn how to steer strategy with good data. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 73 - Make a List and Check it Twice
November 22, 2020

This month is about to get crazy. Don’t forget valuable business contacts. Learn how to make an appreciation plan for key contacts before your personal holiday to-do list consumes you. #ThePitch #INICIVOX