The Pitch with Amy Summers

The Pitch with Amy Summers

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Encore Episode 372 - Stay Calm In A Storm
November 08, 2021

You may not always get the outcome you desire but there’s a 50% chance you will if you do this. Learn how to keep your cool when everyone else is in a panic. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 327 - Facts Fade, Pain Prompts
November 07, 2021

It is a fact, that facts do not change behavior. Learn how to embrace pain for true change. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Encore Episode 378 - Reroute Gossip To The Source
November 06, 2021

Getting ready to engage in a gossip exchange? Learn how to avoid getting lured into a conversation that will haunt you later. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 379 - Don’t Let Pressure Change Process
November 05, 2021

They want to save the world, but first turn a quick profit? Learn how to stay true to your process in a pressure cooker situation. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 779 - Say Yes To Time Off
November 04, 2021

Need more vacation days? Learn how to build trust through accountability. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 778 - Allow For Breaks
November 03, 2021

Virtual making you feel disconnected? Learn how to develop better work relationships outside the office. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 777 - Toss The Rule Book
November 02, 2021

Are there too many restrictions? Learn how to let goals guide you. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 382 - That’s Right Instead Of You’re Right
November 01, 2021

It sounds like you are agreeing, but you really want to put an end to the conversation. Learn how to make someone feel understood instead of shutdown. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 324 - Feedback Is Not An Attack
October 31, 2021

It’s a rare and precious gift that’s easy to miss. Learn how to go from good to great when someone offers constructive feedback. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Encore Episode 325 - Make It Memorable
October 30, 2021

Before you have another unforgettable, routine day, try this. Learn how to be remembered and talked about (in a good way) for a very long time. #ThePitch #INICIVOX