The Pitch with Amy Summers

The Pitch with Amy Summers

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Encore Episode 138 - Celebrate Sweet Success Stories
October 17, 2020

I totally forgot I had an anniversary this month. Learn to celebrate, document and share your narrative as part of your company’s pitch. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 252 - Straight Up Ask
October 16, 2020

Word of mouth gets you connected quicker. Learn how to prepare rejection follow-up questions for when you hit a roadblock. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 614 - You’re Not The Boss Of Me
October 15, 2020

The words of this toddler can help us protect our feelings. Learn how to deflect the transfer of negative emotions. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 613 - Tweak It Before You Say It
October 14, 2020

Words on paper can fall short when crossing the lips. Learn how to say it, the way you meant it, when you wrote it. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Episode 612 - Reframe Criticism As Confirmation
October 13, 2020

If you put yourself out there, be prepared. Learn how to embrace, confront and accept the critics to push on to something greater. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Encore Episode 192 - Before You Jump Ask Questions
October 12, 2020

Get me on Dr. Oz. Learn to be more effective with obedience versus responding out of fear. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 163 - Interview the Interviewer
October 11, 2020

Can those canned questions. Learn how to reverse the interview protocol to get the boss you really want. #ThePitch #INICIVOX

Encore Episode 147 - Be Both Book Smart and Street Smart
October 10, 2020

Ready to skip class and get on with your career? Learn how a solid education foundation can help you grow your street-smart hustle. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Episode 611 - Asked To Be Challenged
October 09, 2020

Don’t wait for your boss to do this. Learn how to initiate your own growth opportunities. #ThePitch #INICIVOX 

Encore Episode 249 - Nix the Niche to Find a New Network
October 08, 2020

Anna Wintour was just not ready for me, which is how I found the University of Florida Alumni Association. Learn how to rapidly increase your network by networking slightly outside your niche. #ThePitch #INICIVOX