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Ten Minutes With

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009: Ten Minutes With…Austin French
November 20, 2020

He's not even 30, but already Austin French has a lot of life figured out. He has reconciled with God and his parents after they divorced while he was in the 3rd Grade. Now, a man with his own wife and kids, he finds family more important than ever.

008: Ten Minutes With…Keith Getty
July 02, 2020

In this episode, Terese Main talks to Keith Getty. He’s a husband, a dad and a legendary hymn writer. Although he probably would laugh at that “legendary” moniker. He’s got some strong views on modern worship…and he’s going to teach Terese to speak lik...

007: Ten Minutes With…Chip Ingram
April 24, 2020

He's the host of Living on the Edge. Chip Ingram has been ministering to his radio audience as well as his church family during this outbreak. Chip Ingram joined Steve, Terese & Randy to share some encouragement about the twice postponed Spring Sharath...

006: Ten Minutes With…Ron Hutchcraft
April 23, 2020

Normally he hosts A Word With You on Family Life; Ron Hutchraft joined Family Life Mornings to offer some encouragement over our postponed (again) Sharathon. If you've got 10-minutes (maybe just a few seconds more),

005: Ten Minutes With…Laura Story
February 14, 2020

Laura Story stopped by Family Life for 3 concerts Valentines weekend! Please click the link for encouragement for worship leaders and all things Laura Story!

004: Ten Minutes With…Matthew West
February 14, 2020

Matthew West has a new CD, called "Brand New." Terese Main talks with him about songwriting, mentoring, Bible reading and why his wife isn't getting anything for Valentine's Day. If you've got 10-minutes (ok, a little more), you've got time to catch up.

003: Ten Minutes With…Josh Wilson
November 09, 2019

He's a pretty amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist. Josh Wilson will be spending his birthday with us, in Pulaski, NY. Listen as Randy Snavley digs into to discover some thing about Josh that you may not have known.

002: Ten Minutes With…Jordan Feliz
November 06, 2019

He's a husband, a dad and one of today's most popular Christian artists. Jordan Feliz joins Steve Smith for a (quick) chat about his upcoming show in Western New York. -  

001: Ten Minutes With…Switchfoot
October 10, 2019

It’s a podcast for people who want to listen to podcasts, but don’t have all day. Join Terese Main, a notoriously fast-talker for a quick chat with Chad Butler, the drummer for the Christian rock band, Switchfoot. If you've got ten minutes,