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015: Ten Minutes With…Petra’s Greg X. Volz
May 20, 2022

For Christian music, it's a band that literally defined "rock."  Petra (which means "rock" in Greek) began in the early 1970's, when the phrase "Christian rock" was practically unheard of.  Join Tim f

014: Ten Minutes With…Fernando Ortega
May 05, 2022

Fernando Ortega is an artist at heart. A musician. A photographer. A storyteller. And it all started with an accordion and a harmonica. He talks with Terese from the Rise Up morning show about music i

110: Family Life Mornings
August 07, 2021

From prayer to the Olympics to getting all the Nutella out of the jar--you never know what you're going to hear about on Family Life Mornings. Spend a few minutes to hear what you might have missed th

013: Ten Minutes With…Zach Williams
July 16, 2021

Is Zach Williams taller than a side-by-side refrigerator? Yes! But is he taller than the Guinness World Record Holder for the female with the longest legs? You'll have to listen to find out. Zach Talk

012: Ten Minutes With…Jamie Kimmett
June 15, 2021

God gives gifts so much bigger and better than the world gives. Jamie Kimmett is proof of that! He's a Scot with the talent to make it in mainstream music. But he took a pass and God blessed him. Listen as he chats with Sonny from Family Life Afternoon...

011: Ten Minutes With…Donna Russo
May 20, 2021

Sadly, Kingdom Bound 2021 has been postponed due to the COVID outbreak. Festival Director Donna Russo talks with Terese Main about how the decision was made, and what we can expect in 2022! The new festival date is July 24th through 27th, 2022.

010: Ten Minutes With…Jordan St. Cyr
March 17, 2021

Sometimes the hardest times bring the brightest glory to God. Jordan St. Cyr is embracing every part of his difficult seasons and turning them into songs that connect others to God. Whether it's a car breaking down,

009: Ten Minutes With…Austin French
November 20, 2020

He's not even 30, but already Austin French has a lot of life figured out. He has reconciled with God and his parents after they divorced while he was in the 3rd Grade. Now, a man with his own wife and kids, he finds family more important than ever.

008: Ten Minutes With…Keith Getty
July 02, 2020

In this episode, Terese Main talks to Keith Getty. He’s a husband, a dad and a legendary hymn writer. Although he probably would laugh at that “legendary” moniker. He’s got some strong views on modern worship…and he’s going to teach Terese to speak lik...

007: Ten Minutes With…Chip Ingram
April 24, 2020

He's the host of Living on the Edge. Chip Ingram has been ministering to his radio audience as well as his church family during this outbreak. Chip Ingram joined Steve, Terese & Randy to share some encouragement about the twice postponed Spring Sharath...