Latest Episodes

EP251: Bye iPhone, Hello Android!
October 26, 2020

Thinina buys a new phone, kalinga got bad WiFi, Kaveen goes running. Download MP3 or Torrent

EP250: Going Green!
October 17, 2020

the iPhone saga, Gaming GPU vs CPU, Laptop Displays, TV streaming services, What is really going green ? and more.. Download MP3 or Torrent

EP249: The Black Box!
October 10, 2020

No show run down, listen and see

EP248: Web Development is Dead!
September 26, 2020

Clement control, e-waste, Youtubers ලග අනාගතය, technology vs traffic , Facebook අපි කියන දේවල් අහන්න ඉන්නවා? ගෙදරට networking , Web development වැඩ අඩුද ? Download MP3 or Torrent

EP247: Our education system has failed “most of” us?
September 19, 2020

අපි අධ්‍යාපන ක්‍රමය, විභාග, පාසල්, අධ්‍යාපනය සහ රැකියා වෙළඳපොල, ඇපල් සිද්ධිය. සහ තවත් දේවල් … Download MP3 or Torrent

EP246: මොලේ වයර් කිරීම.
September 13, 2020

හැමදාම කරන වැඩ automate කිරීම, CCTV කැමරා, mobile number potability , ආයුකාලය වැඩි Laptop ද Desktop ද, Android Google Play නැතුව බාවිතා කරන්න පුලුවන්ද?, SSD වේගය මැනීම, VoLTE වැඩකරන අකාරය, Alexa හරහා Whatsapp Viber Call ගැනීම.

EP245: Why Do We Get Crappy Laptops?
August 22, 2020

Not using electronic for long time can devices fail? phone import tax, why we only get bad laptops in Sri Lanka? TRC rule to register mobile phones, CCTV and Home Security, what is Apache?, Windows 10 100% Disk usage,

EP244: Tom Yum Soup.
August 09, 2020

This is a must listen to episode! Download MP3 or Torrent

EP243: Anti-competitive practices ?
July 31, 2020

Buying a Car, Car Service and maintenance, Anti-competitive practices, eCommerce in Sri Lanka, best smart watch, and more.. Download MP3 or Torrent

EP242: CD vs Vinyl
July 24, 2020

Vinyl vs CD, API Security, App Development and Backed, Web development new technologies, Payment gateway integration, banking app security and more.. Download MP3 or Torrent