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Techකතා | Techkatha

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EP279: V2 Price Please…
August 06, 2022

We talk about lot today, answered few questions... and more... Download MP3 or Torrent

EP278: We all get hacked!
June 12, 2022

DNS Failover, Off Grid System and buying chinese inverters, Payhere data breach, MPPT vs PWM, Improving laptop battery life, and more... Download MP3 or Torrent

EP277: Oh, Snap!
April 30, 2022

full stack developer, 18650 charging, Power banks, internet cost, 12v Laptop, SSO (Single sign on), about Mastodon, NestJS and more... Download MP3 or Torrent

EP276: We want your money!
April 18, 2022

IP registration, economic issue in the county, We won't have internet? , google home automation, Inverters, buying a laptop from overseas, internet alternative... Download MP3 or Torrent

EP275: Can we fix it?
April 10, 2022

Cooking with less cleaning, VPN, Prius for backup power, Takas tech stack, credit card risk, radio walkie talkie, Generator voltage stabilizer, feature of the technology industry workers, blo

EP274: We are Disappointed!
April 03, 2022

Flame from the candle in the dark room. The light of the means to survive. Or light guide to reach the destination. Light to spark creative ideas. Getting this from Amazon, Music for public spaces,

EP273: Celebrity endorsed, Must be good!
March 19, 2022

Headphone/Earphone FLAC, LDAC, HighRes Audio, Buying wireless headphones, Saving USD long term, Ubuntu based Linux Distro, Bank Transfer, Good eCommerce platform, AI + ML and more... Download MP3

EP272: No More “Tech”katha!
March 13, 2022

Dollar Shortage and eConomy, Apple Event and M1 chips, Charging a Laptop with a Type C Powerbank, Sri Lankan Spotify to Alexa, Subwoofer distortion, Backup Power Calculation, and more... Download

EP271: Solution for the Power Cuts!
February 26, 2022

How to get backup power for Power Cuts? Why people are leaving Facebook? Data Recovery in Ubuntu, Full Colour CCTV Camera, IT Jobs and more.. Download MP3 or Torrent

EP270: Nuclear power for sri lanka?
January 30, 2022

Free online certifications, Nuclear power for sri lanka, Research topics, gravity battery, UPS power time calculation, Chinese camera and security, Buying good speakers, Kottu and where to buy them, c