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Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores

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Top 5 Werewolf Movies W/ Dennis Whittle
January 14, 2022

I know you lunatics have been howling for this one! Prepare your silver and Wolfsbane as Dennis is back to tell us his Top 5 #Werewolf Movies! We've delved deep into the dark woods to pull out some very rare but exceptional lupine specimens, you'll either

Rear Window (1954) V.S. Body Double (1984) V.S. Disturbia (2007) W/ IAmJACSMusings
November 12, 2021

This podcast is potentially bigger than the man himself! Join @IAmJACSMusings & I as we admire the cinematic influence of #AlfredHitchcock by pitting his film #RearWindow against two similar successors. #BrianDePalma's #BodyDouble & #DJCaruso's #Disturbia

Werewolf By Night W/ Dennis Whittle
October 31, 2021

It's been a hairy old month but we made it! Dennis & I finished the original #WerewolfByNight comic series just in time to end #ShockPhobiaFest 2021 with a silver-jacketed bang!! Join us as we discuss #MikePloog's incredible art, Baron Thunder & #

Grimmfest 2021 Day Three 09/10
October 24, 2021

In our third, final and most massive #Grimmfest podcast yet! Dennis & I speak to #Nightdrive's AJ Bowen and the cast & crew of #WhenTheScreamingStarts. We are joined by the event organiser, The Prince Of Darkness himself Simeon Halligan! Official

Grimmfest 2021 Day Two 08/10
October 17, 2021

On Day 2 of #Grimmfest join us as we speak to Ameilia Dudley & Taylor Turner of #NightAtTheEagleInn. Continuing with Mirabelle Lee & August Maturo of #Slapface. Followed by Pierre Tsigaridis & Maxime Rancon of #TwoWitches as well as more audie

The Guest (2014) W/ Angry Andy Reviews
October 15, 2021

#ShockPhobiaFest welcomes #TheGuest as my guest #AngryAndyReviews & I gather round the camp fire to weave a tale of one of the most underrated horror films and characters in the last 10 years! Join us as we discuss #TheFlash villains, excised backstor

Grimmfest 2021 Day One 07/10
October 10, 2021

On our very first day as the official #Grimmfest podcast Dennis & I speak to #PJMcCabe co-creator of #TheBetaTest along with getting the audience's first reactions to the film. We also speak to staff members Holly & Alan and discuss their history

Blood Fest (2018) V.S. Hell Fest (2018) W/ Dan Burgess
October 08, 2021

This #ShockPhobiaFest we pit another two scare festivals against each other! It's #BloodFest V.S. #HellFest but which film will be crowned The Best Of The Fests!! Only Dan Burgess & I know the terrifying answer. Join us as we discuss dual lavatories w

Top 5 Jack O' Lantern Characters
October 01, 2021

#ShockPhobiaFest is back for its 3rd year! It's time to dig up a relic that was believed lost from last #Halloween. A list of my Top 5 #JackOLantern Characters! Join me as I discuss The Legend Of #StingyJack, my #ReturnToOz fan theory & the pretender to t

Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991) W/ Dan Keatis
September 24, 2021

Yakuza Month has made it from the east all the way to the west in it's final instalment! Dan Keatis has returned along with #DolphLundgren & #BrandonLee for #ShowdownInLittleTokyo as The Yakuza attempt to take over the streets of L.A. in this underrat