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Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores

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Shado: Song Of The Dragon
September 17, 2021

Nothing but me & my #Shado this week in #YakuzaMonth, the first #PunyPod for a long while and this one is going to get dark. Join me as l delve into the grim and gritty world of #MikeGrell's #GreenArrow and meet Shado the morally dubious femme fatale and

Sonatine (1993) W/ Dan Burgess
September 10, 2021

After looking at the intense and manic work of Kinji Fukasaku last week for the first part of #Yakuza Month. To juxtapose that, This time we're going to slow everything right down as Dan Burgess and I take a look at the contemplative and nihilistic work o

Battles Without Honour & Humanity (1973) V.S. Graveyard Of Honour (1975) W/ Angry Andy Reviews
September 03, 2021

After having August off we have risen once again in the land of the rising sun and are diving straight back in with #Yakuza Month! Comparing #KinjiFukasaku's #BattlesWithoutHonorAndHumanity & #GraveyardOfHonor. My partner in crime, The mad mobster #An

Top 5 Stephen King Adaptations W/ Paul Mellor & Dennis Whittle
July 23, 2021

Time for another terrifying three-way! Paul Mellor joins Dennis & I as we take a leisurely tour around #CastleRock home to #StephenKing Adaptations including his novels, novellas and other writing. Listen to this Loser's Club sit round the camp fire a

Demons (1985) V.S. Demons II (1986) W/ Dennis Whittle
July 09, 2021

Dennis has clawed his way out of his own back to compare #DarioArgento & #LambertoBava's #Demons I & II! Fresh from seeing a double bill of #Italy's answer to #TheEvilDead on the big screen that very night, at #ChapelPictureHouse who presented the

Frank Miller's Ronin W/ Dennis Whittle
June 25, 2021

Dennis Whittle the wandering samurai returns to comics and to the podcast to dissect #FrankMillersRonin from #DCComics as the sun sets on #SamuraiMonth. Join us as we discuss lasering antiques, the mashing up of different international influences & #F

Lady Snowblood (1973) W/ Roisin McCusker
June 18, 2021

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." and there is no one colder than The Blizzard From The Netherworld #LadySnowblood. #MeikoKaji delivers her most iconic performance in the film that inspired #KillBill. Our resident Flower of Carnage, Roisin McCusker jo

Samurai Champloo W/ Georgina Hanmer
June 11, 2021

For the second instalment of Samurai Month, my #Anime Sensei Georgina Hanmer has returned to defend #SamuraiChamploo in all its anachronistic glory! As #ShinichiroWantanabe creates a unique mash-up of a #FeudalJapan setting and #HipHopCulture in this wack

Throne Of Blood (1957) V.S. Ran (1985) W/ Angry Andy Reviews
June 04, 2021

The Sun has finally risen on #SamuraiMonth and Angry Andy-San, The Ragin' Ronin is here to praise #AkiraKurosawa for the creative genius he was and for specifically defining #SamuraiCinema. In this first instalment we compare two of #Kurosawa's very sharp

Hudson Hawk (1991) W/ Tony Farina
May 21, 2021

“Can you f***ing believe it?” I finally got Tony Farina on here to defend the #BruceWillis box-office bomb #HudsonHawk! But was this satirical spoof of action movies and heist films ahead of its time? Or could not even #DaVinci’s machine turn this tonal m