Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores

Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores

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Unlawful Entry (1992) V.S. Lakeview Terrace (2008) W/ Dennis Whittle
November 10, 2022

Calling all listeners, calling all listeners! There’s an APB out on everyone’s favourite corrupt individual Dennis Whittle as he attempts to make an #UnlawfulEntry into #LakeviewTerrace. As we compare both of these tense thrillers in another #CloneBores!

Terrifier (2016) W/ Dan Burgess
October 27, 2022

Sadly Georgina Hanmer is unwell and cant join us but the legend that is Dan Burgess saves the day yet again! As we discuss the monochromatic madness that is #ArtTheClown played by #DavidHowardThornton in #DamienLeones #Terrifier Join us as we talk dirty

The Crow (1994) W/ Ria Carrogan & Tonya Todd
October 20, 2022

The idea has become the institution! As we celebrate our 150th Episode with Ria & Tonya who join me to discuss the tragic & iconic performance of #BrandonLee in #TheCrow in the third edition of #ShockPhobiaFest 2022! Listen as I get introspective

May (2002) W/ Roisin McCusker
October 13, 2022

With the release of #LuckyMcKees #Oldman coincidentally Roisin wanted to talk about one of his most underrated and under seen films starring #AngelaBettis  #May2002 a #Frankenstein meets #Carrie tale set on All Hallows Eve makes it another PERFECT P

Trick R' Treat: Days Of The Dead W/ Ria Carrogan
October 06, 2022

#ShockPhobiaFest 2022 starts off in earnest as Revolting Ria Carrogan Returns Righteously Recomending Required Reading! As we meet up with #Samhain as we return to the world of #TrickRTreat in the comic book prequel #TrickRTreatDaysOfTheDead! Join us as w

Disney Discussions: The Films Disney Does Not Want You To See!!! W/ Megan Gritti, Ria Carrogan & Mike Burton
September 29, 2022

Disney Discussions continues this time on my feed unedited & uncut! Myself, Megan, Mike & Ria have reconvened to look at the darker side of Disney. When son-in-law of #WaltDisney & Disney CEO #RonMiller wanted to take more risks with their chi

The Quatermass Conclusion (1979) W/ TD Velasquez
September 15, 2022

TD Velasquez of #AndNowThePodcastStarts returns after being beamed to another planet to celebrate #NigelKneales centenary as he defends the underrated final entry in Kneales #Quatermass saga #TheQuatermassConclusion join us as we discuss exploding child

Top 5 Loose Shakespearean Movie Adaptations W/ Tony Farina
September 01, 2022

If podcasts be the food of love, play on! Tony Farina joins me once again to pull me back to my theatrical roots with our Top 5 Loose #Shakespearean Movie #Adaptations. We bring our own personal experience with the bards work and how it informed our ow

Goodfellas (1990) W/ Angry Andy Reviews
August 18, 2022

It's time to gather your shine boxes! As #AngryAndy seduces and guides me through the underworld of this seminal mafioso movie #MartinScorsese's #Goodfellas THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN! In a new format #LastStopOnTheHypeTrain where I finally view movies on my

Top 5 Vampire Movies W/ Paul Mellor & Dennis Whittle
August 05, 2022

We bid you welcome to our Top 5 #VampireMovies podcast myself, Dennis & Paul have scoured the deepest darkest parts of the internet to satiate our bloodlust. To feed you the nicest #Nosferatu & the most delightful #Dracula films. Join us as we dis