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Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores

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Lady Snowblood (1973) W/ Roisin McCusker
June 18, 2021

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." and there is no one colder than The Blizzard From The Netherworld #LadySnowblood. #MeikoKaji delivers her most iconic performance in the film that inspired #KillBill. Our resident Flower of Carnage, Roisin McCusker jo

Samurai Champloo W/ Georgina Hanmer
June 11, 2021

For the second instalment of Samurai Month, my #Anime Sensei Georgina Hanmer has returned to defend #SamuraiChamploo in all its anachronistic glory! As #ShinichiroWantanabe creates a unique mash-up of a #FeudalJapan setting and #HipHopCulture in this wack

Throne Of Blood (1957) V.S. Ran (1985) W/ Angry Andy Reviews
June 04, 2021

The Sun has finally risen on #SamuraiMonth and Angry Andy-San, The Ragin' Ronin is here to praise #AkiraKurosawa for the creative genius he was and for specifically defining #SamuraiCinema. In this first instalment we compare two of #Kurosawa's very sharp

Hudson Hawk (1991) W/ Tony Farina
May 21, 2021

“Can you f***ing believe it?” I finally got Tony Farina on here to defend the #BruceWillis box-office bomb #HudsonHawk! But was this satirical spoof of action movies and heist films ahead of its time? Or could not even #DaVinci’s machine turn this tonal m

100th Episode Cel-Webration: Spider-Dan Meets His Biggest Fan @IAmJacsMusings
May 07, 2021

Look how far #PrattleWorld has come...From Phantoms Of The Paradise to Giant-Size Man-Things we are finally here at Episode 100 of #SpiderDanAndTheSecretBores! I am finally face to face with my biggest fan and the true Super-Soldier in my #Prattalion @IAm

Steve Gerber's Macabre Man-Thing W/ Dennis Whittle
April 30, 2021

Happy 50th Birthday! To the malodorous melancholic mindless malleable meandering macabre muck-monster and former man #TedSallis now known only as #TheManThing! Forget about his more popular counterpart #SwampThing, this is the character you need to be rea

Caligula (1979) W/ Dan Burgess
April 09, 2021

This is my filthiest podcast ever by far! As we tackle one of the most infamous films of all time in a brand new format! #Penthouse's #Caligula one part porno and one part historical epic. Who else could guide us through this hedonistic experience other t

Top 5 Star Wars Video Games W/ Scott Hodgson
March 26, 2021

"That's no moon..." It's #PrattleWorld returning to #AGalaxyFarFarAway with dashing rogue Scott Hodgson at the driving seat this time and me as his furry yet very loud co-pilot! We are here to smuggle you the very best in #StarWars video games before we .

Freddy V.S. Jason: Comic Book Edition W/ Dennis Whittle
March 12, 2021

The Slash Of The Titans returns...Now in comic form! It's #ElmStreet V.S. #CrystalLake, as Dennis and I compare #Wildstorm's comic book adaptations of #ANightmareOnElmStreet & #FridayThe13th. Join us as we discuss whether slasher films translate into com.

The Ewok Adventures - Star Wars: Caravan Of Courage V.S. Star Wars: The Battle For Endor W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 2
February 26, 2021

The #StarWarsSaga never ends as we continue our #EwokAdventure with Episode II: What Were They Thinking?!?! As we attempt to sift through the Feech and find a #KyberCrystal in the rough. Which is the best of the worst #StarWars theatrical films? Who will.