Self Care Passport

Self Care Passport

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EP 80 Gathering Your Feelings and Feeding Your Soul, Letting Go of Expectations with Creative Ideas and Heartfelt Conversations
December 01, 2023

This episode is holiday-based and encourages you to let go of expectations and nurture the feelings you want to have during this season. Janae offers a few tips to gather your feelings, feed your soul

EP 79 The Habit and Attitude (Habitude) of Taking Cues from Nature, our Greatest Teacher
November 03, 2023

Nature is a wise teacher, in subtle and raucous ways. In this mini listen we explore how nature can be a teacher and inspiration throughout the year. How the seasons come and go is a reflection of our

EP 78 Touching Base With Your Rituals and Traditions. What is working and what needs to be let go?
October 20, 2023

Welcome to the Self Care Passport Podcast. In the newest series, we are exploring Habitudes, where Habits and Attitudes come together. Have you ever picked a word of the year or a routine that you fee

EP 77 Habits and Attitudes Coming Together to Redefine Your Version of Success
September 22, 2023

Welcome to the Self Care Passport Podcast and the Habitude Series. In these bite-sized episodes and quick listens we are focusing on desired habits and attitudes coming together little by little, help

EP 76 Exploring What is Right for You in a Particular Season or Season of Your Life
September 22, 2023

Honor, explore, observe habitual tendencies, and acknowledge the present season, changing season, or the season of life you are currently in. Focus your energy accordingly. Find the common thread that

EP 75 Using Our Senses To Bring Us Back To Our Body And The Moment
July 21, 2023

Welcome to the Self Care Passport Podcast and the Habitude series. Hello, Im Janae your host and this series is about habits we would like to establish and the attitudes that go along with them. Shor

EP 74 Adjusting Our Awareness and Our Body, one step at a time
July 07, 2023

Welcome to the Self Care Passport Podcast and the Habitude Series. In this episode, we talk about habits and attitudes coming together, changing our lives one step at a time. Today's episode is about

EP 73 Hydration and Honoring Your Internal Ocean, The Habitude Series
June 14, 2023

Each day is a little different when we think about hydration. Every day is a good day to make sure we are taking care of what our bodies need. Some days a few glasses are easy and some days it just

EP 72 The Habitude Series, Where Your Habits and Attitudes Come Together
June 02, 2023

In this next series, I will be talking about habits that I personally have come to establish or are in the process of establishing. Some take a little longer to get into routine. I took a look and a f

EP 71 January's Ramblings on Rest, Reflection and Revitalization
January 31, 2023

The title says it all. Rambling by me, Janae, the host of the Self Care Passport Podcast. I take the entire month to not add any more in, feel into what worked the year before and adjust from there. I