SECTION 9 Cyber Security

SECTION 9 Cyber Security

Latest Episodes Security & Data Classification - 162
June 29, 2020

Time to review the security of They are responsible for protecting our data. We are responsible for putting it there. We need to make sure their security meats our requirements. If they don’t, we’ll have to look for a different solution.

Documentation, and Security- 161
June 22, 2020

We’re taking a step back and focusing on documentation. We spend a lot of time looking things up. Time that could have been spent learning new things. Better documentation means less time spent looking things up. To help fix this problem, we’re looking in

Purple Teaming Lab - 160
June 08, 2020

We signed up for the Purple Teaming class put on by Black Hills Information Security. It was a bit overwhelming, but we learned a lot.

The Verizon Data Breach Report and Microsoft 365 - 159
June 01, 2020

We’re doing a quick review of the Verizon Data Breach report. We’ere also looking at Micosoft 365 options. We’d like to migrate to it if we can.

What happens in a pen test? -158
May 25, 2020

Black Hills has put out another amazing blog post. This one is titled “A Pentester’s Voyage - The First Few Hours”. We’re not pentesters, but we can learn a lot from the process.

Mapping Projects to The Critical Security Controls - 157
May 11, 2020

We need to make sure our projects are useful. To help us do that, were mapping our projects to the Critical Security Controls. We’re also looking at the Black Hills presentation on How to Build a Home Lab. This is full of good information.

Wireshark, Security Onion and Logging - 156
May 04, 2020

Its been an interesting week. Wireshark saved me at work. Wasn’t expecting that. I’ve been using the Security Onion training. Learning how to set it up and install test data. I’ve also realized that a security lab needs evil. How do you look for evil if y

All Our Equipment Works! - 155
April 20, 2020

Good news. Everything works! We still have to manage IP address, subnets, vlans, firewall rules and more. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that it all works. Our hard work is paying off.

We Have a New VMware Server! - 154
April 13, 2020

That’s right, we have a new VMware server. We also have a new set of problems. How do we manage VMware? How do we access it over a vpn connection? What Fortinet firewall rules do we need? What IP address do we need? What subnets do we need? We would lov

Network Documentation & Our VMware Server- 153
April 06, 2020

Time to document our Fortinet equipment and plan for our VMware server. Dorothy will do the documentation. She needs to see how the network was put together. Once some of that’s done, we can pick out a server. The sooner we get the server the better.