SECTION 9 Cyber Security

SECTION 9 Cyber Security

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122 - Installing & Using Nessus Essentials
August 05, 2019

I finally downloaded, installed and tested Nessus Essentials. It worked out better than I expected. While it does have some limitations, it found Vulnerabilities on our servers. It’s another tool for the tool box. This version is free.

121 - Patching - It Wasn't an Automox Issue
July 29, 2019

What I thought were Automox issues turned out to be our issues. We go over the good and the bad. We’re a few steps closer to a good patch management process.

120 - How do we use LastPass in an enterprise environment?
July 22, 2019

There’s only two of us here at Section 9. Deploying and using LastPass was relatively easy. What about using it in an enterprise environment with hundreds of workstations and laptops? That’s the real challenge. What features are we going to use? How do we

119 - Our Patch Management Process
July 15, 2019

We’ve got a patch management process. It isn’t perfect, but It’s a start. That’s way better than some organizations. What’s next? Testing it on Patch Tuesday.

118 - Managing DigitalOcean Servers With Baselines And Automox
July 08, 2019

After migrating to smaller, cheaper servers on DigitalOcean, I realized we need a new management process. We need a checklist that says do these 10 or 15 things. We’re starting the conversation. We hope to have this figured out soon.

117 - Time For Secure Configurations
July 01, 2019

Time to start thinking about secure configurations. What is a secure configuration? What gets configured? How do you manage them? This is just the beginning!

116 - HIPAA Clarification, BIND 9 & The Jitbit Help Desk Solution
June 24, 2019

We’ve got a HIPAA correction to make, BIND 9 changes, & a new help desk solution called Jitbit.

115 - Patch Tuesday, Automox Issues & HIPAA Compliance
June 17, 2019

In this episode we talk about patch Tuesday, An issue with Automox, & HIPAA compliance. We also have a bit of interesting news. We might have our first client. There’s a minor issue. They asked about HIPAA compliance. We’re not HIPAA experts. However, the

114 - Why aren't you patching?
June 10, 2019

The city of Baltimore wasn’t patching. They got hacked. One million systems connected to the Internet are vulnerable to BlueKeep. Why haven’t these systems been patched? When will they be hacked? Not patching could lead to you or your organization gett

113 - The Baltimore Ransomware Attack
June 03, 2019

The City of Baltimore was hit by Ransomware. We go over some of the details, including an unpatched vulnerability from 2017.