Roll With Peace, In Mind

Roll With Peace, In Mind

No Regrets, When Things Are Not Meant To Be: On The Mindfulness Tip

September 23, 2021

"You know how when we don’t get something we really really want, we can wallow in the emotions and feelings that dredge up..." 

Welcome to Episode 72 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Today's riff is No Regrets, When Things Are Not Meant To Be: On The Mindfulness Tip.  Man how many things can we find ourselves regretting on the regular? Countless times! In this episode, using an example from my own life, I talk about how holding regrets don't help to move us forward--these 'what ifs' 'should haves' and I wish it didn't' types of thoughts are assaults on our psyche because things DID happen the way we didn't want them to--playing them over and over in our minds is counter-productive, and letting go of regrets allows us to live more fully...

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