Rob Heeney's People with Stories

Rob Heeney's People with Stories

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Derry Kissack - Episode 34 - "Pain is just a State of Mind"
August 06, 2013

One of the most truly fascinating people you could ever hope to meet, Rob was blown away by the way he tackles whatever life has thrown at him. He also lifts the lid behind the scenes on The World Famous Purple Helmets.

Dot Tilbury - Episode 33 - "Manx Tales"
July 29, 2013

From postage stamps to scupltures and the Bee Gees, Dot Tilbury is a local celebrity on the Isle of Man and it's clear to hear why with her fantastic storytelling.

Mum and Dad Heeney - Episode 32 - "En Vacances"
July 22, 2013

Without Mum and Dad Heeney there would be no Rob and no people with stories. Here's their own favourite stories

Liam Mullone - Episode 31 - "Havana nightmare"
July 01, 2013

What should have been a cultural cycling holiday turned into a nightmare for comedia Liam Mullone. Warning: This podcast does contain adult language.

Daliso Chaponda - Episode 30 - "Control Your Son"
June 24, 2013

Daliso Chaponda explains the roots to his Malawian comedy and Rob is filled with shame with a story of his own he shares.

Abi Roberts - Episode 29 - "An Unorthodox Orthodox Russian"
June 19, 2013

Travel, religion and a gruesome end to the tale. Abi Roberts has a story or seven with a red core.

Chazz Khan - Episode 28 - "Is anyone going to Paris?"
June 10, 2013

International male model turned tennis coach (and author!) Chazz Khan shares a journey from hell/heaven tale and also tells how he fell into his first career as a model and second as a tennis coach.

Sarah Bennetto - Episode 27 - "The Worst Way To Break Up With Someone"
May 30, 2013

Sarah Bennetto from Storytellers Club shares two stories: one of a wonderful discovery in the woods and one of a not-so-wonderful discovery.

Peter Grahame - Episode 26 - "Puppet Abuse"
May 20, 2013

Comedy promoter shares two of his favourite stories from his many years in the business, including an interesting take on the art of ventriloquism and the ultimate, if wrong, way to deal with a young heckler. He's also got a tale of how he ended up smugg

Jeff Stevenson PtII - Episode 25 - "Oh.... another boy with a dream"
May 13, 2013

Jeff shares more stories of his 39 years in showbiz. He tells us how he got started at a very young age and lived every boy's dream when he spent a summer filming Bugsy Malone. He also tells a cautionary tale about why you should never shout at optician