Rob Heeney's People with Stories

Rob Heeney's People with Stories

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Susie Essman - Episode 44 - 'Never, EVER, Lose Your Sense Of Humour'
October 16, 2013

Susie Essman with first, a tale of her muse; her grandmother,and the second, a story from the set of Curb your Enthusiasm. Needless to say, Rob was somewhat starstruck.

Bob Slayer - Episode 43 - 'Keep It In The Van'
October 01, 2013

Ever wondered what jockeys think about during a horse race? Former rider turned comedian Bob Slayer reveals all.

David Quirk - Episode 42 - 'The Land of Towels'
October 01, 2013

Those from down under are a quirky breed. None more so than awarding winning comic David Quirk, or at least so he finds himself looking during a towel incident.

Tales from the Comedy Circuit - Episode 41
September 24, 2013

Horror gigs. A nightclub with a stag do and a safe word, a 'shark attack' and a hostile crowd form the basis of these three unconnected tales from the world of comedy.

Carol Lee PtII - Episode 40 - "This is your life""
September 17, 2013

An inside view of one of the biggest TV shows ever in the UK is Carol Lee's second story she shares with Rob.

Carol Lee -Episode 39 -"I Never Got To Say Goodbye; And I'd Like To Say Hello""
September 10, 2013

A defection on a need to know basis and as journalist turned author Carol Lee reveals few knew then and how it all ended she's now love to know.

Paul Ricketts - Episode 38 - "Bedford: Really boring place"
September 02, 2013

Bedford in the 70s/80s may not have been the centre of the social universe but as comedian Paul Ricketts reveals there was a lot more going on than many would be believe.

Maff Brown - Episode 37 - "It's More A Story Of The Hear"
August 27, 2013

From football academy rejection, through non-league to the Premiership. Maff Brown has had a life in football that is every schoolboys dream. Here he admits how he blagged most of it in true schoolboy fashion.

Ronnie Golden - Episode 36 - "Good Evening ... All 8 Of Ya!"
August 20, 2013

Comedian and musician Ronnie golden shares some of the many stories from his 40 years as an entertainer. From a musical tale of why you should never meet your heroes, to his involvement with the birth of alternative comedy scene. He also tells us how he

Katherine Crowe - Episode 35 - "Smile"
August 13, 2013

Rather than a straight story, it turns into Katherine's moving tale detailing how battling cancer has changed her whole outlook on life.