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PT | 132 I thought I would become #president&food
January 31, 2023

the first female president of this country, but with the nature how politics is being played in the country, its ok if I become a first lady instead – Yvonne I simply thought I would become a media pe

BT | 010 Would you like your favorite book turned into a movie? #chemicalhearts
January 26, 2023

One question too Too many! Its supposed to be a YES or NO answer, but I will rather explain and you through my reasons, who that you can share your perception and your views on this matter with us. To

PT | 131 Birthdays for grown ups #Kidspoon
January 25, 2023

We learn to grow as age continues the natural move. This was a conversation shared between an adult and young champ who is still enjoying the dividends of not knowing what it means to not celebrate th

11 | 13 CBN will fine banks ₦1million daily for not issuing new notes
January 20, 2023

Emefiele warned that any commercial bank that failed to issue the new naira notes to customers would be fined N1 million on a daily basis. The CBN governor, who was represented by the apex banks Depu

PT | 130 One of those regular habits #badhabit
January 20, 2023

Not sure how you feel about it, but with certain habits, I lose touch with actual creativity and concept. The difficulty in curtailing these attachments has become a bigger job than when we acquired t

11|12 My plans for podcasting this year #2023
January 18, 2023

This is a break insight discussing the role of podcasting, problems and solution of keeping up with the entire process. Could have been the most amazing journey of all time if inconsistency wasnt an

PT | 129 Entitlements can be deserving too #Myopinion
January 15, 2023

A question you can ask before you continue unleashing good deeds and unraveling yourself to a person you genuinely care about, regarding family or friend. Radio Apprentice That is one step taken in de

PT | 128 The big means of “Starting Small”
January 06, 2023

Yesterday, things that were not known by a lot of people felt like the gold on ice buried for the sake of good deeds. CS Nwilliams. Starting small is still an undisputed beginning but now requires a

BT | 009 IBK’s 3″ Top tear reading habits for the new year
January 06, 2023

Welcome to the episode where we analyze and discuss IBKs new years top reading habits.

01 | 05 Prince Harry admits to killing 25 in Afghanistan? #Spare
January 06, 2023

Prince Harry admitted to killing 25 people during his military service, confessing he is neither proud nor ashamed of it Prince Harry has acknowledged killing 25 people in Afghanistan during his time