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Podcast – Oralvault Radio

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Do we really share a common interest? #Sohcf
February 16, 2023

2023: This is a talk show sponsored by SOHCF. This show was engineered to grant us access back to our mindset. If a game was to remain just a game for anyone who is willing to win or lose, then its s

PT | 137 How good did we define happiness? #Wealth&Dave
February 15, 2023

would you mind adding yours? Yes sure!! we would like you to take this time out and define your very numerous branches of self comfort and happiness. Also, we would love to gain your opinion on this o

PT | 136 Conversations that turned awkward #MO’sversion
February 12, 2023

and yet we listened and perhaps, didnt really comprehend but for the sake of that one amazing person who was talking, we paid close attention and decided to vet elsewhere. Speakers Radio Apprentice (

PT | 135 The 20million wedding budget #storytime
February 07, 2023

could this be enough? A true life event squeezed off a conversation by two good adults who eventually didnt come to conclusion and might never have a conclusion to this topic.

11|14 Did Emefiele deceive president Buhari?
February 07, 2023

The suggestion by a former governor and currently a senatorial candidate seems to be pointer for a long due conversation. Meanwhile, there have been a lot going on and the commentary is just the begin

PT | 134 How do you classify your friends? #Adenike
February 04, 2023

Without leaving out certain overwhelming expressions Do you classify them based on where you met them or how you met them? does it even matter or you just sail with the waters and hope it never turns

PT | 133 When you meet someone new #herOpinion
February 02, 2023

What kind of conversation are you ready and willing to accommodate? How would you like to be approached and what would be your reaction to the personality that they let you see? Radio Apprentice (Host

BT | 011 “Girl in pieces” Review
February 01, 2023

I know we do pay attention to our friends, but its gets to a more critical time that we must now pay closer attention because the new way of getting depressed easily has suggested so.

PT | 132 I thought I would become #president&food
January 31, 2023

the first female president of this country, but with the nature how politics is being played in the country, its ok if I become a first lady instead Yvonne I simply thought I would become a media pe