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Aug. 7/20 - Scary Friday Night with Ghost Stories Tom Orgen
August 08, 2020

Tonight is scary Friday! With our great guest Tom Orgen He will be tellng us scary stories on the U.S. roads! Can you say ghost!

Aug. 6/20 - Ghost Hunting with Joe Vitale
August 07, 2020

Tonight Joe Vitale talking Ghost Hunting!

Aug. 5/20 - Time Travel with Rob Shelsky
August 06, 2020

Join our Guest Rob Skelsky on Time Travel and universe is designed for consciousness, as well as the idea of quantum immortality.

Aug. 04/20 - Jill Shelly Talking Ghost
August 05, 2020

Jill Shelly will join the show tonight to talk about ghost!And the Boyd house!

Aug. 3/20 - UFO's with Philip Kinsella
August 04, 2020

On this show tonight will will cove alot on Aliens and UFO's with our great guest Philip Kinsella out of the U.K. Don't miss the show!

July 31/20 - Bigfoot And UFO's Dave Spinks
August 01, 2020

dave Sprinks is back on tonight talking Bigfoot and UFo's and strang things!

July 29/20 - Inside UFO's with Preston Denett
July 30, 2020

Join us in tonights show whe we talk Inside UFO's with Preston Denett.

July 28/20 - Ufo Encounters And More! with Angelia Sheer
July 29, 2020

Tonight will rock! Our Guest Is Angelia Sheer on UFO's and more!

July 27/20 - BigFoot with Carter Bushardt
July 28, 2020

We will be talking Sasquatch are they real!

July 26/20 - Guest July -27th till 31st
July 25, 2020

Promo For Guest week of July 27th till 31st