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Sept. 28/20 - Monsters That Walked The Earth Joe Taylor
September 29, 2020

On tonights show Joe Taylor is back on talk about monsters of the past! Can you say Raptors?

Sept. 25/20 - Earthquakes And UFO's Tom Conwell / Glenn Lary Scary Night
September 26, 2020

Tonight is two guest night! Tom Conwell is on telling us about his new book Earthquakes And Ufo'S Then Glenn Lary is back for us to just have fun!

Sept. 24/20 A Blast From The Past! Stan Gordon
September 24, 2020

We are off tonight! But this is a great replay with guest Stan Gordon On UFO's

Sept. 23/20 - UFO's With Dr. Robert Wood
September 24, 2020

Dr.Robert Wood will be talking UFO"s Tonight! Going back as far as the Nazi Bell! Secret Nazi miltary base in Arctic!

Sept. 22/20 - Artificial Intelligence with Dr.Geoffrey Simmions
September 23, 2020

Artificial intelligence and what will it do to man! Lets find out tonight with Dr. Geoffrey Simmions.

Sept. 21/20 - Criminall Insane And More with Jerry Marzinsky
September 22, 2020

Jerry Marzinsky is a retired licensed mental health practitioner who has worked with the criminally insane.

Sept. 18/20 - Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer / Scary Friday Tim Swartz
September 19, 2020

Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer is the 4th generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits! Mark is also a successful attorney! Scary Friday with Guest Tim Swartz telling scary stories!

Sept. 17/20 - UFO's Paul Hynek / John Steiger On Roswell
September 18, 2020

The first guest of the show is Paul Hynek Talking UFO's and his dad and being involved in making of Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, Tintin, RealThe Hobbit and more! Guest #2 John Steiger will be talking about Roswell.

Aug. 15/20 - Larrry Battson Bigfoot / Ancient Magic with Jesse Garrett
September 17, 2020

Frist guest tonight is Larry Battson On Bigfoot .Larry is a wildlife educator with a large cooection of wild animales! Then we bring on for the last hour J.S. Garrett Will be talking about rediscovering the secrets of the great magicians of the...

Sept. 14/20 - People Missing In The Forest! Christoper George
September 15, 2020

We will be talking with Christopher George Who served 35 years as a U.S. Forest Ranger. So many people are missing in the U.S. Forest system!