Night Dreams Talk Radio With Gary Anderson

Night Dreams Talk Radio With Gary Anderson

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Nov. 02/20 - C.J. Hallibuton / Tom Davis Civil Unrest
November 02, 2020

CJ Halliburton is a livestream journalist out of Seattle who covers news events across the nation. Tom Davis is a retired law enforcement officer with many years in law enforcement.

Nov. 1/20 - The Strang Things Podcast Guest Terry Lovelace Part 2
November 01, 2020

James Creachbaum talks to Terry Lovelace about his e.t. abduction.

Oct. 30/20 - Halloween Special with Steve Stockton
October 30, 2020

Halloween Special! Lots of scary stories tonight! Guest Steve Stockton! Call in after 7:30 pm P.S.T. 10:30 pm Eastern 1-253-203-6681

Oct. 28/20 - ET's & UFO's Guest Preston Dennett
October 28, 2020

Preston Dennett Is back to give us all a update on ET's and UFO's!

Ocft. 27/20 UFO's Tom Whitmore
October 27, 2020

Since 1995 Tom Whitmore has had UFO's play a major part of his life!Tom spends most of his days doing research on the secretive MJ12. Check out Tom's blog at

Oct. 26/20 - Joshua Shapiro On Crystal Skulls
October 26, 2020

Joshua shapiro has been involved with crystal skulls since 1983. When he saw one made out of amethyst in northern California

)ct. 25/20 - The Strange Things Podcast Guest Terry Lovelace
October 25, 2020

On this podcast James Creachbaum will interview Terry Lovelace on is book Devils Den.

Oct. 23/20 - Scary Friday Guest Martin Powell Scary Stories / Wayne Wilson
October 23, 2020

Tonight is Scary Friday! Frist Guest is Martin Powell to tell us some real scary stories! Then Wayne Wilson comes on to give us a update on Bigfoot and things!