Live At Disc Go Round

Live At Disc Go Round

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November 01, 2015

We talk to Rene Sadoval about ghosts, Sunny and t…

Episode 6 / Cody Benavides
October 22, 2015

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Episode 5 / Shayna Sands
October 13, 2015

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Ep. 4 / Michael White, aka Miguel Blanco, aka The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
October 06, 2015

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Ep. 3 / Dominic Russo
September 29, 2015

We're thrilled that Dominic Russo joined us for t…

Ep. 2 / Johanna, Enoch Light Fun
September 22, 2015

This week, Johanna joins us on the podcast. She g…

Ep. 1 / Josh DeLeon, The Blind Owls
September 14, 2015

In this episode, we talk to Josh DeLeon of the Bl…