It Aint Weak to Speak with Sam Webb

It Aint Weak to Speak with Sam Webb

#32 Gus Worland Speaks On Learning How to Have Vulnerable Conversations

November 21, 2020

What does it mean to be a man?  The norms of masculinity tell us that men should be brave, hard working, carry the load and harden up to push through adversity.  But as you take a look at society where thousands of men are taking their life by suicide every year, at a rate three times more than women, perhaps we haven’t got it right.  The norms of masculinity need to change so that men are encouraged to be brave in speaking up and being vulnerable.

In this episode, Gus opens up about the impact of his friend’s death and how it catapulted him into a journey to understand why male suicide rates in Australia were so high.  After a number of years, Gus hosted a documentary series called “Man Up”, exploring masculinity and exposing issues in society that result in significant male mental health issues. We talk about mental fitness and the need to build emotional muscle and how a simple connection is the key to building healthy relationships where men can be vulnerable and safe to share their struggles.

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