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Aus passes Magnitsky laws, activists call for Chechen leaders to be targeted | Critics of proposed ‘cyber-bulling’ law say it will only make defamation lawsuits easier | Religious Discrimination Bill won’t protect those who face discrimination
December 09, 2021

Federal Parliament has passed Australias own version of Magnitsky Laws, which allows for targeted sanctions against individuals responsible for human rights violations. Emma Hoy spoke with one of t

World AIDS Day | Dennis Altman on Aus Afghan refugee refusal | The Informer – 2 Dec 2021
December 02, 2021

World AIDS Day is 1 Dec so we look back at two stories from this season. One looks at exciting new research being undertaken in Melbourne into a potential

Religious Discrimination Bill legalises discrimination opponents say | MQFF rebuffs calls to cut film funded by Israeli gov | The Informer – 25 Nov 2021
November 25, 2021

The federal government has tabled its long-awaited Religious Discrimination Bill. The legislation would weaken some existing protections for LGBTQIA+ Australians and has been roundly condemned by qu

Majority of queer Victorians don’t trust or feel safe around police survey finds | Vic LGBTIQ Commissioner on the issues facing our communities | The Informer – 18 Nov 2021
November 20, 2021

New research by Vic Pride Lobby finds the vast majority of queer Victorians surveyed dont trust or feel safe around police. We speak with Nic Holas of the Lobby

Trans activists attacked by far-right mob in Bulgaria | Paediatric surgeon comments on proposed intersex surgery ban | The Informer – 11 Nov 2021
November 11, 2021

The Victorian state government has proposed changes banning deferrable medical interventions on intersex children until they are able to consent. The changes have been welcomed after years of

Sydney Mardi Gras board proposes change to constitution | How has the Melbourne arts community survived the long lockdown? | The Informer – 4 Nov 2021
November 04, 2021

The board of Sydney Mardi Gras has proposed changes to its constitution that would mean a significant portion of the board is appointed by other board members, not elected

Queer pubs emerge from lockdown | First-hand account of queer life in Burundi | What’s happening for Aussie Ace Week? | The Informer – 28 Oct 2021
October 28, 2021

As Melbourne emerges from another tough long lockdown, we hear from some queer pubs about how theyve managed while their doors were shut and how important queer spaces are

Human Rights Commission calls for ban on intersex child surgeries | How has Texas banned abortions? | Vic LGBTIQ Commissioner #FabJab interview | Vic private prison nominated for trans inclusion award | The Informer – 21 Oct 2021
October 21, 2021

The Australian Human Rights Commission has released a report recommending non-medically necessary interventions on intersex children be banned until they are able to give consent. We speak with inte

Should queer people be concerned about new NSW Premier? | Victoria passes Assisted Reproductive Treatment reforms | Scotland introduces LGBTQI issues and history into school curriculum | The Informer – 14 Oct 2021
October 14, 2021

NSW has a new premier in Dominic Perrottet. A self-declared social conservative, he has previously expressed opposition to marriage equality, abortion, and support for Donald Trump. Is social progre

Huge support for gender-affirming surgery to be covered by Medicare | Polish provinces buckle under EU pressure over ‘LGBT-Free’ zones | New Gold Coast gay bar defies trend | The Informer – 7 Oct 2021
October 07, 2021

A petition calling for gender-affirming surgery to be covered amassed over 100,000 in a matter of days. Currently, the surgery isnt covered and is extremely expensive. We speak