GameDev Loadout | A Game Developer Podcast

GameDev Loadout | A Game Developer Podcast

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117 Don’t Overestimate The Game Industry but Don’t UnderEstimate Yourself with Trynn Check
April 06, 2020

Trynn Check is an independent game designer from DePaul University. She works at iThrive Games that promote mental health and teen thriving. She also has her studio called Intrynnsic Entertainment. We talk about her journey of going to school,...

116 Ask Developers Ahead of Time On Exactly What They Want in a Voice Over with Ben Britton
March 30, 2020

Voice actor Ben Britton graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of Arts and has been behind the mic for more than 30 years. You can hear him in a variety of games such as Lamplight City, Spellforce III, The Occupation, and many more. You have to learn how...

115 Step Number One: Get a Purpose with Vincent Michael
March 23, 2020

Vincent Michael is one of the founding directors of YHWH Games that teach students how to create video games and transform them into self-sustaining artists. We discuss: Exploit your strengths and stop wasting time on your weakness Learn the...

114 Get Voice Actors Early in the Project, Practice Emotional Agility, and Fix Your Website with Jay Britton
March 16, 2020

Award-winning British voice actor, Jay Britton has done 50 titles and over 300 characters ranging from indie studios to AAA developers. Games include Divinity Original Sin 2, FIFA 17, Starcraft 2, and more. We discuss: Voice actors should be experts...

113 Trust Your Inner Voice When Composing Music with Mikolai Stroinski
March 09, 2020

Mikolai Stroinski is a music composer that has worked on the Witcher 3, Dark Souls 2 trailer, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and much more. We discuss: Think not just as a composer but as a video game maker as well. You don’t want to get too attached...

112 Who Are Your Games For and What Are Their Needs with Jeremy Liu
March 02, 2020

Jeremy Liu was the narrative design lead at NetEase Games, an intern at EA, and a technical designer at Rockstar Games. Titles include Red Dead 2, NBA Live Mobile, and Realm of Duels. We discuss: How to get into technical design Why you need to study...

111 Take Breaks, Get a Co-Producer & Co-Writer, Take Breaks Again with Gary Kings
February 24, 2020

Gary Kings of National Insecurities is a lead game designer, writer, editor that has worked on games such as Once Upon a Crime in the West and 2000:1 A Space Felony. We discuss: Get a producer to optimize teamwork and productivity. Before choosing a...

110 Practicing Voice Over Involves 90 Percent Interpretation with Ivy Dupler
January 20, 2020

Ivy Dupler is a NYC-based voice actress who can be heard in video games, commercials, and cartoons. Her recent work includes voicing protagonist Special Agent Vera Englund in Whispers of a Machine (Clifftop Games/Faravid Interactive), as well as several r

109 You Cannot Talk About Your Game Enough with Nic Rutherford
January 13, 2020

Solo UK indie Nic Rutherford is working on a game called Fringe Plant. We discuss: His decision to go full indie after having a good amount of savings Think about the accessibility of your games such as subtitles, sound effects, or controller inputs...

108 Spend Less Time Developing Your Games with Xalavier Nelson Jr.
January 06, 2020

IGF-nominated narrative designer Xalavier Nelson Jr. creates a morally-complex world with human emotion at the core of every scenario, where the individuals outside your squad matter as much as the rangers you deploy on each map. We discuss: How too much