GameDev Loadout | A Game Developer Podcast

GameDev Loadout | A Game Developer Podcast

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Happy Holidays Rerun 66 JUST DO IT! with Henrique Olifiers
December 23, 2019

Henrique Olifiers has been in the game industry for more than 30 years working on web-based games, massive multiplayer games, and social games. He is currently the CEO of the award-winning Bossa Studios, which are the makers of Surgeon Simulator, Monsterm

107 Learn In-Demand Skills that Companies Need to Get Hired with Jordan Blackman
December 16, 2019

Jordan Blackman has been writing, producing, and designing video games for over a decade. He is a mobile game design expert and an accomplished producer. He has designed, produced, and consulted on several 9-figure franchises for companies like Zynga, EA,

106 Show Your Game to the Potential Audience as Early as Possible with Liviu Boar
December 09, 2019

Passionate about cartoons and games since a kid, Liviu Boar dreamt of making a point and click adventure game since first seeing someone play Day of the Tentacle and realizing interactive cartoons were a possibility. Twenty-odd years later, he started a s

105 How David Galindo Use Real-Life Experiences to Create a Unique Game
December 02, 2019

David Galindo is the creator of the Cook, Serve, Delicious! series. You will learn: How David used his real-life experiences as a barista to make his games. Why you need to study your competitors by checking their forums and customer reviews to see...

Rerun 02 How to Be Resourceful and Principles to Follow Toward Success with Angel Muniz
November 25, 2019

Angel Muniz is a designer and art lead at IS Studios. She has experience with environment and prop creation for Unity and Unreal Engines. She co-organized 3D Learning Network on Facebook for industry vets, juniors, and recent grad artists. She also tutors

104 The Decision to Finally Go Full-Time Indie with Nathan Hamley
November 18, 2019

Nathan Hamley is the artist and designer at Sick Chicken Studios, creator of point and click adventure game Guard Duty. Nathan has been involved in game development as a hobbyist since the mid 2000's, making the step to full time development in 2017 whils

Techniques for You to Master Unity and Productivity with Roger Miller GDL 103
November 11, 2019

With 20 years in the technology industry, 10 in the game industry, on 4 continents, Roger Miller comes with a breadth of knowledge. Roger Miller has been on the leading edge of both server and client side technologies from factory automation to data catal

Become Self-Driven to Overcome Your Worst Moments with Alexander McDonald GDL 102
November 04, 2019

Alexander McDonald is a freelance game artist working primarily in pixel art and voxel art style. He has worked on games like Duelyst, Moonquest, Primal Carnage and Rivals of Aether. He has also collaborated with streamers and YouTubers making emotes, cha

How to Design a Positive Community and Tailor Messages to Your Targeted Audience with Victoria Tran GDL 101
October 28, 2019

Victoria Tran is the communications director at Kitfox Games, a small indie team in Montreal, Canada that is creating intriguing worlds like ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’ and ‘Moon Hunters’. They are publishing ‘Dwarf Fortress’ and ‘Six Ages’ to Steam. She has spok

Podcast Relaunch and Five Tips I Learned from 100+ Experts to Help You Succeed GDL 100
October 21, 2019

We made it to episode 100! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to the podcast and supporting it. This episode is about my long absence, changes to the podcast, new partners, and five action steps I learned from interviewing 100+ expert