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Digital Noise Episode 307: Is This Movie Good, Or Is John Just Dying?
August 10, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 307: IS THIS MOVIE GOOD, OR IS JOHN JUST DYING? John may be ill, but he’s still for up for reviewing this stack of oddball films this week. From a HK romantic ghost story on Crit

Digital Noise Episode 306: Better Late Than Never
July 08, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 306: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Chris and Aaron had no end of unexpected delays on both their parts finding the time to get together to record this week’s DN episode. But we cover so

Digital Noise Episode 305: Phantom of the Untouchable Greasy Batman
July 01, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 305: PHANTOM OF THE UNTOUCHABLE GREASY BATMAN Chris is joined again by Sir Doctor Wright Sulek for some more home release review shenanigans. The dastardly duo looks at a sexy Je

Digital Noise Episode 304: Damn Dog Meets Charming Potato
June 24, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 304: DAMN DOG MEETS CHARMING POTATO John and Chris go through this week’s home releases with a look at a 80s punk movie classic, Sandra Oh getting possessed by her dead overbeari

Digital Noise Episode 303: Digital Decadence
May 27, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 303: DIGITAL DECADENCE Chris and Wright take on the stack with everything from tawdry neo-noir threeways with hot 90s stars to the Italian answer to Night of the Living Dead. We

Digital Noise Episode 302: Wright Should Know Martial Arts by Osmosis
May 06, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 302: WRIGHT SHOULD KNOW MARTIAL ARTS BY OSMOSIS Chris and Wright take on a trio of major martial arts movies, an early 2000s Japanese indie that was bloody entertaining as hell,

Digital Noise Episode 301: From Bad to REALLY Bad
April 29, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 301: FROM BAD TO REALLY BAD “Two Austin Awards Nominated” Sir John Gholson (we’re never going to hear the end of that one) and Chris Cox take on a mixed bag of films this week. I

Digital Noise Episode 300 – The Big Three Oh-Oh Face
April 22, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 300 – THE BIG THREE OH-OH FACE Chris and Aaron don’t have anything special planned for the big 300 episode I’m sad to say. Unless you count a show with pretty much all stuff we d

Digital Noise Episode 299: Not Quite 300
April 13, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 299: NOT QUITE 300 Chris and Wright narrowly miss doing episode 300 but that’s ok, because they’ve got an amazing stack of titles to look at. From the best of the best, like the

Digital Noise Episode 298: Remo Williams in Racoon City
April 06, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 298: REMO WILLIAMS IN RACOON CITY Chris and Aaron don’t have a huge stack this week, but they have a lot to say about them. From an upgraded 70s classic, to a downgraded reboot o