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Digital Noise Episode 299: Not Quite 300
April 13, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 299: NOT QUITE 300 Chris and Wright narrowly miss doing episode 300 but that’s ok, because they’ve got an amazing stack of titles to look at. From the best of the best, like the

Digital Noise Episode 298: Remo Williams in Racoon City
April 06, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 298: REMO WILLIAMS IN RACOON CITY Chris and Aaron don’t have a huge stack this week, but they have a lot to say about them. From an upgraded 70s classic, to a downgraded reboot o

Screener Squad: Nitram
March 29, 2022

NITRAM MOVIE REVIEW The Port Arthur shooting spree of April 1996 was a mass murder in Tasmania, Australia where 35 people were killed and 23 others were wounded. It is one of the worst killing sprees

Screener Squad: Worst Roommate Ever
March 11, 2022

WORST ROOMMATE EVER SERIES REVIEW Peter Parker may have outgrown the stress of having to make rent but the rest of us can’t count on a rich uncle Stark’s drunken generosity to bail us out at 5 minutes

Digital Noise Episode 297: This Show’s Called Digital Noise
March 07, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 297: THIS SHOW’S CALLED DIGITAL NOISE Chris and John do their home-release-review thing with a cool stack but wait! What’s this? They don’t see eye-to-eye on everything this week

Digital Noise Episode 296: The Wright Cage
February 23, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 296: THE WRIGHT CAGE Chris and Wright got seriously goofy in this week’s show and it led to one of our longer episodes, but one of the most fun ones we’ve done yet. We look at Ca

Digital Noise Episode 295: Gholson: Afterlife
February 02, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 295: GHOLSON: AFTERLIFE Chris and John take on a lot of big releases this week and let you know which are worth adding to your collection. From the biggest sci-fi film in years,

Digital Noise Episode 293: Funky Blue Monkey
December 24, 2021

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 293: FUNKY BLUE MONKEY Poor Wright. Chris always sticks him with the wacky stack. This week is no exception as he and Chris look at the coolest teen girl who runs a Yakuza clan,

Digital Noise Episode 292: The Seduction of John Gholson
December 15, 2021

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 292: THE SEDUCTION OF JOHN GHOLSON John and Chris get all the home releases to talk about and this week’s they are going for a double-dip of classic Alan Alda, a goofy 80s horror

Digital Noise Episode 291: 4k Christmas in the House
December 10, 2021

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 291: 4K CHRISTMAS IN THE HOUSE John and Chris knock out a quick one this week with a look at a stack of new 4k discs including a long-awaited horror sequel, an upgrade to one of