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Curious Pavel - History meets Travel

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Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much
May 08, 2022

Why do paper cuts hurt so much??? Support this podcast:

Electric Vehicles First Came Out In The 19th Century
May 01, 2022

Everybody is talking about electric cars these days and how these vehicles are the future. But what if I tell you electric vehicles first came to the world in the 19th century?! That's mad... but also true!  Let me explain... Support this podcast:

Why Do We Keep The Tea In TEA BAGS
April 24, 2022

After the previous episode when we talked about the origins of AFTERNOON TEA, it is perfect timing to mention WHY TEAS ARE KEPT IN BAGS. And although China used tea bags way early around the 8th century, the story of how teabags become popular in the west

Origins Of The Afternoon Tea In Britain
April 17, 2022

You know Brits love their afternoon tea. You've heard about it. You know about it.  But I bet you don't know about the origin

Why Do We Say Bless You When Someone Sneezes #CuriousPavelExplains
April 10, 2022

Bless you (or God Bless You) is what we say when someone sneezes. It's almost automatic, isn't it? We do it without even thinking but I bet you never asked yourself where this phrase comes from! Let me explain... Support this podcast: https://www.patreon

Why is Blue For Boys And Pink For Girls #CuriousPavelExplains
April 03, 2022

Blue for boys and pink for girls. That is what comes to people's heads but I bet you never asked yourself why. I can also bet you that you did not know it was the other way around! Let me explain... Support this podcast:

St Valentine's Day: Origins #CuriousPavelExplains
March 27, 2022

Why do people celebrate St Valentine's Day ► You see people celebrating St Valentine's every year ♥️ You probably celebrate it, too.    But I bet you never asked yourself about the origin of it and why is it called St Valentine's.  Well, Le

Meet Sofia...
March 20, 2022

When you hear the name SOFIA you probably imagine a beautiful girl but there is much more to this name! Support this podcast:

Why Chinese New Year Falls On A Different Day Every Year #CuriousPavelExplains
March 13, 2022

You know Chinese New Year is celebrated every year. I am pretty sure you have noticed the date changes BUT I BET you never asked yourself WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. Let me explain in this video... Support this podcast:

Why Do Cats Purr? #CuriousPavelExplains
March 06, 2022

You know cats make this relaxing purring sound... but I bet you never asked yourself HOW they make it or even WHY they do it! Support this podcast: