Curious Pavel - History meets Travel

Curious Pavel - History meets Travel

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Dealing With Loneliness as a Solo Traveller | Ideas For Making Friends on The Road S02E12
September 12, 2021

I tried solo travelling myself and found that it is not something that really fits me. I was very keen on hearing what Juleen has to say on the subject and we ended up discussing ways to meet people and make friends while travelling solo. ► About the gue

Traveling & exploring by visiting RECORD STORES | Using Your Passion S02E11
August 29, 2021

Travelling by visiting record stores ► this episode is something really new! I was excited to record this episode as soon as Rose told me about this concept. The main thing that stands out for me from this episode is playing on your strengths and using th

August 22, 2021

VISITING ALL 50 US STATES ► Sometimes people like to set goals for themselves. When I heard that Tim has a goal to visit all 50 US States I was like "yeah, nice goal". I thought he lives in USA which is quite doable. I admit, I have as surprised to hear h

August 15, 2021

Visit Patagonia in South America ► You have probably heard of Patagonia. No, not the clothing company! I am talking about the region in the southern part of South America, governed by Argentina and Chile. The area covers a section of the Andes mountains,

Origins of Paella, Sangria, Tapas And Other Traditional Spanish Food And Drinks | EP IX
August 08, 2021

Origins and history of Spanish food and drinks ► I sat down and talked with a food tour guide in Spain. Her name is Molly and you might have seen her in the Granada episode from the podcast series. We talked about what Spanish love to drink and eat: paell

Travel anywhere with only 5 KG of luggage ft @the5kilotraveller | EP VIII
August 01, 2021

Everybody I know travels with a lot of luggage! Most people actually travel with more stuff that will be needed! But now I am proud to say I know somebody who travels with 5 kilos only. Anywhere! No matter a long or a short trip. Her name is Katherine and

July 25, 2021

Visit Berlin, Germany ► Did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? I was amazed by that fact as Venice being a city surrounded by water. We did not stop there, of course. This episode will teach you a lot about Berlin as a city and Germany as

July 18, 2021

In episode 33 we are conquering a new continent: AFRICA! ❤️ We are travelling to a country that I only know through Leonardo DiCaprio's appearance in Blood Diamond. The name's Sierra Leone. Our guide for the day is called Ian who has visited Sierra Leone

July 11, 2021

Travel to Lincoln ► When it comes to history, the whole of England has a lot to offer but there are a few cities that stand out. Lincoln is one of those cities. During medieval times, Lincoln was the 3rd biggest city in the Kingdom! Nowadays, you can enjo

Being Stuck Abroad During Pandemic ft Destind2Travel | How 2 Weeks Turned Into 9 Months in New Zealand #VII
July 05, 2021

I am sure you love travelling. Probably that is the reason why you keep listening to this podcast ;) You are probably very excited when you book a holiday, board the plane, and when you get to the desctination. But as you probably know, when it comes to t