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Blue Brothers Sportscast

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Recasting Movies & TV Shows: Episode 266
September 05, 2019

This week for the Blue Bros 2 episode the guys have fun recasting one TV show and one movie with completely new casts. Things may get out of hand quickly. Who has the better picks? Caleb with his TV show or Brandon for his movie? Let us know. #ThisTimeIts

Recap Michigan vs MTSU & Preview Michigan vs Army and Detroit vs Arizona: Episode 265
September 04, 2019

As the NFL season prepares to kick off the Blue Brothers bring it all to you in this week's episode. After recapping the Michigan vs Middle Tennessee State game they preview the upcoming Michigan and Detroit Lions match ups. So many questions lie ahead fo

Awesomely Bad Movie Review - Deadly Prey [1987]: Episode 264
August 31, 2019

The Blue Brothers bring you another awesomely bad movie review! This time, if you like action, this one brings it. Deadly Prey was an over the top 80s movie about a group of mercenaries that hunted civilians in the wilderness for training purposes. Listen

#7 Michigan vs MTSU Game Preview: Episode 263
August 28, 2019

The Blue Brothers are excited to present their very first game preview episode of 2019! Before they dive into the Michigan vs Middle Tennessee match up they take a moment to talk about the Andrew Luck saga that exploded over the weekend for professional f

Blue Bros 2 Introduction - This Time It's Personal: Episode 262
August 20, 2019

The Blue Brothers are bringing you NEW content here for the football season. Due to the popularity of their non sports content they have decided to bring you not one episode every week but TWO! Listen to this weeks episode to discover what will be happeni

Michigan Wolverines 2019 Season Preview: Episode 261
August 13, 2019

Is there a better time of the year than college football season? We submit that there is NOT! The Blue Brothers are excited to share with you their thoughts and predictions for Michigan's 2019 season. They share listener thoughts and feedback before takin

Detroit Lions 2019 Season Preview: Episode 260
August 06, 2019

Football is here! The Blue Brothers present their first preview episode of 2019 as they preview the Detroit Lions upcoming season as they share their thoughts and predictions. #OnePride 2:10 Did You Know 5:35 Brandon's Scary Stat of the Week (MLB) 7:41 C

Lions Sign Mike Daniels & Big Ten Media Days: Episode 259
July 31, 2019

The Blue Brothers discuss the recent free agent pick up by the Lions. Do they think it was it a good move or bad? They then go back and visit some topics from the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. #GoBlue 0:44 Did You Know 5:24 Brandon's Scary Stat of the W

Awesomely Bad Movie Review - The Intruder (Rambu)[1985]: Episode 258
July 25, 2019

This week the Blue Brothers bring you their second awesomely bad movie review! Rambo rip off 'The Intruder' from 1986! 3:42 Did You Know 5:59 Brandon's Scary Stat of the Week (Movies) 8:25 Caleb's Rock Moment of the Week (Football) 15:12 Awesomely bad mo

Must Watch Sports Movies: Episode 257
July 16, 2019

After the Blue Brothers review listener feedback from last week's question they discuss some of the all time great sports movies. What are some of their favorites and which ones do they think are overrated? Listen this week to find out. #GoBlue 2:21 Did