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Podcast Announcement: February 2020
February 19, 2020

This is just to take a moment and update everyone that sports episodes indeed will not be happening weekly during the offseason. There will still be episodes periodically but they will not pick back up on a regular basis until the beginning of the 2020 se

Movie Review - Oscar [1991]: Episode 315
February 07, 2020

The Blue Brothers visit one of their favorite action heroes Sylvester Stallone this week BUT they visit his comedy genre, yes that's right we said comedy. Oscar is a cheesy quarky comedy that probably speaks directly to dads and their cheeky jokes. You ma

Early and unexpected celebrity deaths during our time: Episode 314
January 28, 2020

With the tragic news over the weekend about the passing of Kobe, his daughter and the other involved in the helicopter crash Brandon and Caleb began discussing celebrity deaths that had happened during their lives and it spilled over into this weeks episo

Movie Review - Rad [1986]: Episode 313
January 21, 2020

We travel back to 1986 to do what every kid was doing back in the 80s, ridding their bikes. However, what NOT every kid was doing was competing in the most difficult BMX race ever created by mankind! But that is what Cru Jones was up to, when he was suppo

Podcast Announcements: Episode 312
January 18, 2020

This week features a shorter episode with some updates on things happening for the podcast, some things that have already happened but we won't forget everyone's favorite segment 'Did You Know' still comes to you with random facts you never knew you didn'

Michigan 16 Alabama 35 Game Recap: Episode 311
January 09, 2020

The end has finally come. This episode not only marks the official ending of both the Michigan and Detroit football season but it also marks the end of era. Since the first week of September 2015 the Blue Brothers Sportscast has released an episode EVERY

Lions 20 Packers 23 Recap & Michigan vs Alabama Citrus Bowl Preview: Episode 310
December 31, 2019

Well, the Lions did it. They finished the season right by completing their losing streak. While the season ended in disappointment there is still hope for the Lions fans that perhaps the draft will be a bright spot in the future, but don't hold your breat

Lions 17 Broncos 27 & Lions vs Packers: Episode 309
December 28, 2019

With a busy holiday week Caleb does a solo episode so instead of the typical recap and preview episodes it all gets squashed into one this week. First the recap of the Lions ten point loss on the road to the Broncos, a brief discussion about the Big Ten t

Movie Review - Christmas Vacation [1989]: Episode 308
December 23, 2019

It's time for everyone to pile in to the station wagon, sing their favorite Christmas carol and give their favorite weird uncle a hug, we're reviewing Christmas Vacation! Nothing says happy holidays quite like watching a movie where someone else's holiday

Lions at Broncos Game Preview: Episode 307
December 19, 2019

The Lions hit the road to face the Broncos. Will the losing streak continue? Will Detroit help or hurt their draft stock? Find out what the Blue Brothers think in this week's episode. #OnePride --- This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest wa