Birth Mother Matters in Adoption

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption

Latest Episodes

Birth Mother Matters Podcast S2, Ep 199: People's Fascination With Adoption
November 12, 2021

Learn about the reasons society is fascinated with adoption, what the most commonly asked questions are and why it is an issue.

Birth Mother Matters Podcast S2, Ep 198: 20 Reasons Why Women Choose Adoption
October 28, 2021

Pregnant women make an adoption plan for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons may seem obvious, but others may not. Learn about the reasons why...

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast S2, Episode 197: The Adoption Influence
October 22, 2021

What influences society's view of adoption and how does that influence adoptive families? Adoption support is needed, and the importance and value of adoption

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption 2:196: Spreading the Love of Adoption
October 13, 2021

Spreading the Love of Adoption, raising adoption awareness- what you can do to make an impact on elevating the understanding, acceptance and choice of adoption.

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption 2:195: Following Up on Topics
October 09, 2021

Follow-up on previous topics previously discussed: online adoptive profiles, Fund raising, abortion news, separation anxiety, holiday giving.

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption 2:194 Separation & Anxiety For Adoptees
September 22, 2021

Adoptees may experience separation anxiety during their lifetime. Gather an understanding adoptee separation anxiety and ways to support them.

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2; Episode 193: Against Medical Advice
September 17, 2021

Sometimes in an adoption situation, Birth Mothers do not stay for the medically advised duration after they deliver their baby.

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Ep 2-192: Birth Mothers Show Their Strength
September 11, 2021

Listen to Birth Mothers as their share their adoption stories.

Birth Mother Matters Ep 2-191: Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Even their Hearts
September 06, 2021

Texas is leading the country in the implementation of their new abortion laws.

Ep 2-190: Gaining a New Perspective on Adoption and Abortion
August 26, 2021

Listen to the perspective of a biological sibling view's on abortion; listen to how the perspective can change when education and experience come into play.