Birth Mother Matters in Adoption

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption

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Birth Mother Matters Adoption S2,Ep.160: The Legal Aspect of Adoption
April 09, 2021

Listen as we hear directly from an Arizona Adoption Attorney! Learn all about the legal side of adoption!

Birth Mother Matters Adoption S2,Ep.159: For Birth Mothers Only
April 06, 2021

What to expect when you take a step in towards learning more adoption and making an adoption plan. As an adoption community, we can all learn from a woman emba

Birth Mother Matters Adoption S2,Ep.158: Fentanyl in the Adoption World
April 03, 2021

Fentanyl is a drug that is has reared its ugly head on the streets and is being used illegally. Yes, we see Fentanyl use among birth mothers...learn more.

Birth Mother Matters Adoption S2,Ep.157: A Day of Tears
March 30, 2021

The Day of Tears is being recognized on the 22nd of January. Please lower your flag in memory.

Birth Mother Matters Adoption S2,Ep.156: Planned Parenthood & COVID Relief Funds
March 26, 2021

COVID and its impact on abortion, which may impact adoptions. What is happening in the news.

Birth Mother Matters Adoption S2,Ep.155: Where Have All The Birth Mothers Gone?
March 23, 2021

Listen and get a perspective and opinion on the fluctuations on numbers of pregnant women choosing adoption. Gain insight, understand their thought process and

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S2, Ep.154: Adoption Match Phone Calls
March 19, 2021

When choosing an adoptive family, sometimes it takes more than looking through adoption profiles. A telephone call with the adoption agency between the birth m

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S2 #153: The Power of Donations
March 12, 2021

Listen to this podcast and understand why your donations are needed, what is done with them and what they accomplish. Listen to what a difference you can make

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S2 #152: Adjustment of Expectations
March 09, 2021

When embarking on an adoption journey, it is important to begin with accurate and current information about the adoption process. It is also important to be fl

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S2 #151: Updates on COVID-19 & Adoption
March 05, 2021

Arizona updates on COVID-19 and how they relate and impact adoption.