The Art of Living

The Art of Living

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The impact of GMO Foods for the past 20 years
March 26, 2023

Dr Vandana Shiva has been researching the impact of GMO Foods for the past 20 years, she speaks to Latin Waves about []

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women the Push to end Colonization
December 12, 2022

BRANDI MORIN is an award-winning Cree/Iroquois/French multimedia journalist from Treaty 6 territory in Alberta. Among her many awards over a decade of []

Breaking Free, The Life and Times of Peter McLaren, Radical Educator
November 30, 2021

McLaren is the author and editor of over forty-five books and hundreds of scholarly articles and chapters. His writings have been translated []

Democratic Economic Planning by Dr Robin Hahnel
September 09, 2021

Art of Living host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Dr. Robyn Hahnel about his latest book Democratic Economic Planning. The hastening pace of []

Glenn Ford, Black Agenda Report, Nov 5, 1949 – July 28 2021
July 28, 2021

Glenn Ford is a good ancestor , whenever I feel down or burned out I reenergize myself when I think of the []

Cuba and its 60 years of resistance to US Imperialism
July 21, 2021

Sylvia Richardson speaks with journalist Arnold August about the legacy of empire. After more than 100 years of US imperialistic aggression in []

Indigenization of our Struggle against Capitalism
June 04, 2021

Host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Silvia Federici author of Revolution at Ground Zero. The zero point of revolution is our social relations, []

Uprisings In Columbia
May 20, 2021

host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Common Frontiers director Raul Burbano, about the up rising in Colombia.From April 28 to May 8, theviolent []

Revolution in a time of Pandemic
May 12, 2021

host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Jorge Martin about May Day and the significance for workers in Latin America. The man made virus []

Aviva Chomsky “Organizing for Power: Building a 21st Century Labor Movement”
May 04, 2021

host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Dr. Aviva Chomsky, about creating a labour movement for the 21st century. The triumph of Neoliberalism has []