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The Art of Living

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Plain Radical, Living, Loving and learning to leave the Planet Gracefully
February 21, 2021

Art of Living host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Robert Jensen on his book Plain Radical, Living, Loving and learning to leave the Planet Gracefully. It’s hard to have hope…What will you tell the generations that come after you’re gone?

To create schools that are deserving of our babies
February 15, 2021

Sylvia Richardson speaks with David E. Kirkland, Vice Dean for Equity, and Community Action at NYU. The responsibility for educator to engage with issues of social justice. ” To create schools that are deserving of our babies”,

Suzanne Kyra on balance in our personal and professional life
February 01, 2021

With over 20 years of experience, Suzanne Kyra, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor, is a highly regarded counsellor with offices in West Vancouver and Coquitlam. She is also an international empowerment speaker, CEO of Living Big Events,

Graham Russell speaks about the humanitarian crisis of people trying to flee Honduras
January 26, 2021

Host Sylvia Richardson speaks to Graham about the thousands of people trying to flee Honduras, how the western media and politicians have let us down by presenting these humanitarian crisis without any context. -

Transformative power of education
August 31, 2020

Art of Living host Sylvia Richardson, speaks with Dr. Eric Davis, about the transformative power of education activated through relational, experiential learning, that student centered and inspire responsibility and responsiveness to the communities we...

Government takes advantage of Pandemic to bail out banks
August 05, 2020

We are in the midst of class war says Ellen Brown speaking with Latin Waves host Sylvia Richardson The pandemic reveals the government can make available money on demand. Unfortunately the money has been channeled to bail out banks once again.

Sacred teachings of Quechua Aymara people about the path to coexistence
June 24, 2020

The way to health is consciousness of our interdependence. In this interview Latin Waves Host Sylvia Richardson we speak with Aymara elder Marcelo Saavedra a professor of Indigenous Studies in Ottawa about the path to wholeness.

Exalted Subjects, a critical analysis of race in Canada
June 06, 2020

UBC Professor Dr Sunera Thobani speaks about her book Exalted Subjects, she gives a critical analysis of race and how the Canadian state has been active in nationalizing those “so called” Canadian values and then measuring them against the other in soc...

Transforming the world with more inclusive education methods
May 27, 2020

David E. Kirkland is a trans-disciplinary scholar of English and urban education, who explores the intersections among urban youth culture, language and literacy, urban teacher preparation, and digital media. He analyzes culture, language, and texts,

Dana Lyons on his album The Three Legged Coyote
May 20, 2020

Singer/ Songwriter/activist Dana Lyons speaks about his inspirations for his CD The Three Legged Coyote